IceToolz 20-piece tool kit

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IceToolz 20-piece tool kit

Postby familyguy » Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:09 pm

Name of product:
IceToolz 20-piece tool kit

Where bought and price
Nowra Cycles, c.$110 - can be found for less online

How it is used:
General toolkit, home mechanic level

General usage tool kit, 20-piece (refer picture here) Mine is IceToolz branded, but several rebranded sets exists that appear the same (eg: SuperB)

+ well priced for useful set of tools

- some parts a little low on quality (I broke a plate on the chain breaker, but thats the only real defect)
- cone spanners are a little chunky for fine tuning
- Shimano bottom bracket tool only (you'll be buying others - my set lacked the external BB cup tool shown in the photo!)
- No Torx bits for MTB

Additional notes:
I have a Park Tool cone spanner that is a piece of art. But the price reflects that. The IceToolz set is more than adequate for home usage for the majority of jobs. It lacks a Campy compatible lockring/BB tool. Some other kits do options for Shimano or Campy. You can do everything else but bottom brackets.

Great for home use. Buy a couple of other BB tools for what you need, this can do the rest. Even though there's four negatives, its still a handy kit. They dont pretend to be shop quality like Park, but they fill a void and do it well for the money. I dont know if my kit was an older set, but it had no external cup BB tool.

Quality: Image

Performance: Image

Value for money: Image


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