Cell Team 2009

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Cell Team 2009

Postby tripstobaltimore » Sat May 30, 2009 12:08 pm

Name of product - Cell Team 2009

Where bought and price
Internet for $1400

How it is used
Training bike used approximately three times a week. Rides are generally around 50km in length on weeknights after work, and a longer ride on the weekends. Ridden through hilly terrain.

Frame Aero 7005 alloy frame, wheel cutout, replaceable dropout.
Fork Carbon
Stem Promax alloy stem
Handle Bar Promax
Head Set VP for CANE CREEK integrated head set
Gear Set Shimano 105 group set.
Front Derailleur Shimano 105.
Rear Derailleur Shimano 105.
Shifters Shimano 105 STI.
Sprockets Shimano 105, 10 speeds 12-25T
Crank Shimano 105 Hollowtech II,39-52T
BB Set Shimano 105 Hollowtech II
Chain Shimano 105 10 speed chain
Brakes Shimano 105 brakes, front and rear.
Rims Shimano R500
Hubs Shimano
Pedals N/A
Spokes Stainless steel
Tires 700Cx23
Seat Post 27.2x300mm micro adjustable
Saddle VELO Profile sports leather seat
Weight approximately 9kg

+ Can't really go past the price. Was shipped really fast (had it within three days).

- So far haven't had any problems (it is early days - I will update). Some of the 'less important' components aren't great spec - e.g handle bars and seat/seat post. Wheels could also be better, but for the price im not complaining.

Further to this - I took it for another (more serious) ride today and found it does seem to have some stability problems at higher speeds. Speed wobbles seem to happen at quite low speeds - was noticing them around 60km/h. I plan on investigating this further to see if it is a problem that can be fixed..

Additional notes
Well I must say I was very skeptical about this purchase. I was previously riding a Giant OCR3 (so I guess I havent much experience with higher end bikes to compare to) that is getting tired and due for a replacement. I had a few bikes in mind - EMC2 eTape, Cannondale CAAD7 or a similarly equipped Azzuri (can't remember the model). The cannondale was the cheapest 105 equipped bike I could find, at $2000. I really wanted to get the eTape, but I couldn't justify spedning $2300 on a bike in my current financial situation (going back to uni :oops: ). I was considering offering the bike shop $1800 for the CAAD7, but still didn't really want to spend that much money (and didnt even know if they would take that). I was actually browsing these forums when I came across cell bikes so I decided to check it out. It was a huge gamble to spend $1400 on a bike that I hadnt ridden and did not know much about (apart from a few reviews scattered around the internet) but I decided to take the plunge. At worst I had 105 running to chuck on a better frame for $1400.

To say I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement. The 105 was excellent (a huge step up from worn down sora) and the bike felt light and responsive (again compared to an old OCR3 - take that how you like! :wink: ) and definately stiffer than the Giant. Sprinting up hills it felt as if 100% of the power was going into the strokes. Could not detect any deflection at all.

If the stability issues are an inherent design flaw in the frame, it would still make a great lower end training bike, and I'm still very happy with it.

I'd definately say you should consider this option if you would like a slightly higher spec for not a huge outlay. I would say its definately more of a beginners/touring bike (not a very aggressive riding position) but for some who wants a bit of performance without a huge price tag its well worth considering.


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