30.07.2009 - 7pm - Server Problems

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30.07.2009 - 7pm - Server Problems

Postby AUbicycles » Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:37 pm

I have been experiences problems accessing the entire site. It seems to have now resolved itself. I has about 20minutes downtime (though it may have been longer). There was no scheduled maintenance so I don't know what the problem was - as I had previous accessed the site and forum earlier without error.
Awaiting feedback from the host.

For my interest, the error code below (for forum access)

Code: Select all

Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) [2002]

An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.

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Re: 30.07.2009 - 7pm - Server Problems

Postby Mulger bill » Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:42 pm

Soo it wasn't just me then... mine mentioned too many connections.

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Re: 30.07.2009 - 7pm - Server Problems

Postby toolonglegs » Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:46 pm

I got this...

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Re: 30.07.2009 - 7pm - Server Problems

Postby wombatK » Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:02 pm

toolonglegs wrote:I got this...

+1. Around about 7:20 pm. Tried a few times, then gave up around 7:30 pm.

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