Specialized Tarmac Comp 2008

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Specialized Tarmac Comp 2008

Postby sandman » Thu Aug 13, 2009 10:28 am

Specialized Tarmac Comp 2008


Where Purchased
2nd hand from Bikeexchange
2008 RRP of $4k, 2009 TDF special of $3400, 2nd hand for $1800

How it is used
The "Daily Ride" to and from the Office (60km)

Carbon FACT-6 frame, 105 throughout(Ultegra rear derailleur) full size ie: 53/39 rings, R20 wheels. Weight would be high 7kgs ** note this is not with the Mavic Wheels or the RS20 that come with the bike. This assumption is using Bontrager XXX OCLV Ultralite Carbon wheels.

Additional Information
Swapped wheels to ksyrium Elite, brakes to Ultegra. Foud out the hard way that the BCD on compact cranks is different to full size so I cant use my Ultegra crank on this bike with the 105 full size rings :-( Installed Ayup Medium beam front light and super bright rear flasher. Seat was swapped from Toupe to Selle. Plan is to put on Ultegra SL crank on next Chainreactioncycles purchase :-)

+ This thing is light, suspect 7.xxkg. Frame is solid, no flexing out of bottom bracket area under load, bike absorbes road vibration very well. Gear changing is smooth and very positive, drivetrain relatively quiet and smooth (bike only has 500km on it). Standard handlebars are what I would call "ok", semi wing feel due to cables under bar tape, thickness of bar is nice. Stripped bike yesterday due to nasty rattle in rear I am not sure if I found but in doing so I had a very close look at the manufacture of the frame, quality is very good.. this is no junk. Bike rides very straight and smooth, quick to accelerate however not as fast as my Tarmac Pro. Getting aero on the bike is relatively easy, pushes well into headwind.

- Only negative is the rattle in the rear, well thats where it sounds like its comming from, only hear it at higher speed and on rough road. Stripped down rear and crankset, will see if its fixed, otherwise swap wheel/cassette out to see and work from there.

Reasonably well spec'd bike, R20 wheels, Ultegra rear....As new for $3500 its on the "high end" of what you would pay however the FACT-6 frame is darn good, thats what you're paying for. As 2nd hand and under $2K it definately is a good buy. This bike would race very well in B grade ie: stability, accelerate in surges, very respectable.


Quality Image 9.5/10

Performance Image 9/10

Value for money Image 9/10 (2nd hand)

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