1970's Circa Cecil Walker Rebuild

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1970's Circa Cecil Walker Rebuild

Postby crog » Fri Aug 10, 2007 9:03 pm

Hello all,

(Firstly let me apologise if I upset anybody I also posted this in the Retro section but not sure if I will get more airplay here)

I am new to the forum and do not know much about bikes suffice to say i bought a Avanti Mountain Bike as part of a get fit scheme and lost 20 kg's and got hooked on cycling as a means of keeping fit

I have set myself a goal of 1 year to get ready for the Around the Bay in a day Ride ie) in 08 and want to build up a road bike over this time as a bit of a project.

I have been gifted a Cecil Walker Frame and fork made of Reynolds 531 Tubing, quite good nick and I am told a top of the line frame for it's time but the paint has seen better days. I have since found that Cecil Walker is a shop in Melbourne and one the phone they advise they can repaint and sticker the frame for about $235 dollars so I am considering this.

The measurments are I am told:
1. Seat tube measures 59cm
2. Top tube measures 57cm

Weighs in at about 3.0 kg

I have a couple of questions:

1. Will this frame size suit somebody who is just over 6 foot.

2. Will I be able to find components. The frame is stamped with an E and I was told originally had Campologno (??) parts and somebody who knows more tells me it has a bottom bracket that takes 1370 x 24 English and from this I should be able to get a group set.

3. Is this a fools errand??

I would be looking to spend $1500 ish to get going ie) wheels, handlebars, groupsetseat etc but as I have given myself a year or so I may spend some more if need be. I could go and buy a new bike for this price I know but the project appeals but I also want to make sure it is possible before I begin.

Any help, links, etc would be greatly appreciated and ultimately i want to use this bike to commute to work



Postby MountGower » Fri Aug 10, 2007 9:30 pm

G'day Crog

The only problem I can see is the spread between the rear fork ends might not be wide enough to accomodate 10 speed so NOS (new old stock) may or may not be available and if it is might not satisfy your desire for more gears.

Your on the right track with a CRMO bike. They are simply the best and nothing feels as good to ride. I reckon if you can get NOS 8 speed and it fits, go with it, but you might not be satisfied with that.

As for the frame size it sounds about right. It will give you a very upright position with the longer seat tube. Because it has a threaded head set, a quill stem will be able to be lowered quite a bit if needs be, or a longer one purchased, but it's not possible to be sure about that from just reading your height on the forum. You can ride some other bike that you like and take it's measurements, compare them and consider the adjustments that can be made and you should be able to make a good enough decision from that.

Good luck.

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