Cyclists Harrassed on Bike Track

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Cyclists Harrassed on Bike Track

Postby RobRollin » Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:39 am

I haven't read the articler but this week cyclists were being harrassed by invidividuals along the bike track around the Cornelian Bay entrance/exit.

These people were responsible for harrassing cyclists as they passed and have been arressted by the Tas Police.

If you see persons who are harrassing, causing danger too or otherwise endangering cyclists then please report it to Tas Police.

Rob C

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Re: Cyclists Harrassed on Bike Track

Postby Baldy » Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:58 pm

Yeah its not good, that part of the track in particular gets alot of rec users, familys/kids who park at the regatta grounds or in moonah and ride the path. Ive come across those slack jawed types of course[not in that spot], apart from a bit of lip at a distance Ive had no real problems. Allthough with a head like mine its hardly surprising :lol:

I was talking with someone about this last night after seeing it in the paper and I mentioned I havnt seen one single cop on a bike since ive been back riding and my normal route is Claremont--lower Sandy bay return, via the bike path. Then today they were driving through Glenorchy/Moonah and saw 3 sets of police on bikes along the path, could be just a timing or time of day thing why I havnt seen any, dunno.

Does the bike police program run over winter? Im guessing it might get a boost in numbers over summer as they shuffle people around?


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