New Bike path funding

New Bike path funding

Postby Baldy » Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:57 pm

Hey all !!

Just saw this on the news tonight but cant find any details online.

Anyone with a blackbelt in google out there? :lol:

I think they said 2mil all up for 6 projects but no further details, not even sure if they are finalised either.

Good news hopefully, as long as they "work" no dumping you in the middle of a dodgy intersection like the one in north Hobart does.

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by BNA » Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:03 am


Re: New Bike path funding

Postby m@ » Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:03 am

2M... going by the cost of the Argyle/Campbell St bike lanes, that should cover about 1.5m of bike path :lol:

I'm guessing this will go toward existing projects - bike lanes over Bonnet Hill and the bike paths along the Eastern Shore come to mind. Not sure whether they're planning on extending the intercity cycleway... TBH I wouldn't be at all surprised if they've misappropriated some of the funding for other road projects like the Kingston bypass on the premise of making them bicycle-friendly.
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Re: New Bike path funding

Postby Baldy » Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:26 pm

:lol: Yeah sadly your not wrong there, 1.5m if we are lucky!! And like the Cadbury "link" it will most likely be overkill[as far as I know they dont even do tours at the factory anymore,its just an oversized retail outlet now :roll: ] Im sure the handfull of residents that live over there and ride might use it but not until its finished. Ive been up there on the MTB and seen roadies going up the road because of the short gravel section at the steep end of the path.

Seeing the article in todays Muckery newspaper sheds some more light on the subject, our glorious leader mentioned bonnet hill, I wouldnt be surprised if that project and getting it linked to something along sandybay road will cost more than they have allocated to all 6 projects. To be honest I cant begrudge them pushing for something down that way, it needs to be done and allthough I wont be a regular user im sure I'll use it at some point. Plus its just nice to have another option.

Now to be selfish!!...I'd like something between Granton and Norfick :D Or maybe something over Grasstree hill to Richmond. Or maybe something on the bridgewater bridge/causeway that will stop my life flashing before my eyes[ thats the worst bit of road ive ridden and I wont cross it again in its current condition!]
Allthough with all the huff about a 4 lane midland highway and the general poor condition of the roads, after that winter/spring wet... I guess we need to take what we can get :|

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