Road Surfers

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Road Surfers

Postby alltorque » Sat Oct 24, 2009 6:58 pm

Anyone seen road surfers around? I saw one on montacute road the other day who nearly became a corpse after having a near miss with a car coming the other way.... these guys are bloody mad! anyone else seen them around?

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Re: Road Surfers

Postby Richard.L » Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:15 pm

The closest thing that i have seen is one of those boards that twist that is sold at BigW which primary school kids have :D

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Re: Road Surfers

Postby alex » Mon Oct 26, 2009 12:39 am

i often see a whole crew of them doing shuttles on the old freeway on weekends, and all thru winter they were up there during the week in the dark

looks awesome
if i get killed while out on my bike i dont want a 'memorial ride' by random punters i have never met.

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Re: Road Surfers

Postby Verbs & Nouns » Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:01 pm

What? These guys?

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