Netti "Jack Frost" gloves.

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Netti "Jack Frost" gloves.

Postby twizzle » Thu May 13, 2010 10:01 am

Name of product
Netti "Jack Frost" winter gloves.

How it is used
Supposedly for winter riding.

Insulated glove with reinforced palm/thumb and a large cloth section the back for wiping your face

+ Better than nothing.

- They are useless in the cold. -3C and you can't feel your hands.

Buy something else. My old WindStopper gloves are falling apart (stitching and the palm reinforcing has come apart) but they still work, even though they look thin and flimsy compared to the Netti ones.


Quality Image

Performance Image

Value for money Image
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Re: Netti "Jack Frost" gloves.

Postby HAKS » Tue May 18, 2010 6:48 am

Not surprised these don't live up to expectations. I've found Netti products to be going down hill the last few years. Just got a refund on a $130 pair of their shorts as after 5 rides stitching had come undone and 2 parts ripped off. My Netti arm warmers I got last year are also useless, yet some Netti arm warmers I got in 2002 are still the best I have.
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