Cramps in the Calf

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Cramps in the Calf

Postby NewStew » Fri Jul 23, 2010 3:31 pm

I have just recently upgraded to a new road bike (from a flatbar). Seem to have got my set up about right now but for one small problem. After about 20 km I start getting cramps in my calf muscles. Now I know all the stuff about magnesium etc but this only happens on the new bike and never happened on the flat bar.

Does anyone have any theories? The LBS guys suggested that I may be pedalling a little toe down but it doesnt feel like it to me - what would I change in the set up (seat height, seat back/forward, cleat position etc) to stop pedalling toe down if that is the problem?

Cheers - Stew

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Re: Cramps in the Calf

Postby rustychisel » Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:37 pm

classic sign of cleats being too far forward on the shoe, rather than toe down pedalling, actually, but I don't know enough of your situation nor have you given enough info.

New bike, check, therefore likely to be new geometry even if you measure carefully and think you've got your positioning correct.
Shoes and cleats... new? Used them before? If so, repositioned cleats? If not, saddle further back from bottom bracket than on previous bike?
When setting saddle height, was shoe and cleat stack height taken into account?
What about your core strength? [Directly related to flexibility and therefore hip angle/position on the bike]

... & so forth. Sorry I couldn't be more help

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