STOLEN: Specialized Tarmac Comp 07 Leederville Perth

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Nga Te
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STOLEN: Specialized Tarmac Comp 07 Leederville Perth

Postby Nga Te » Thu Nov 15, 2007 7:45 pm

Hi All,

My Specialized Tarmac Comp 07 Black & Red was stolen from the bike storage at the Water Corporation head office in Leederville, Perth. The storage has video surveillance and is enclosed with a chain mail fence.

The offender cut through the chain mail fence to get into the bike storage and they appeared to use a battery operated grinder to get through my heavy chain lock to take the bike......leaving their old Avanti in the place of my bike.

The security firm are currently reviewing video cameras placed around the bike storage.....hopefully something might come of that, but I not pinning my hopes on it.

If anyone sees the bike for sale in Perth please email me. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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