wanted to buy - basic level mtb

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wanted to buy - basic level mtb

Postby cp123 » Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:38 pm

Hi all

I was wondering whether anyone had an unused mtb in their garage suitable for a youngun. Doesn't need to look super flash, although mechanically sound is good - its for my nephew who's shooting up rapidly. I'm 163cm and he's already taller than me so that might be around 15 or 16 inches or so? is that right? Ideally with front suspension. It will just be for the recreational toodle if we go out to stromlo or the like. He's currently riding my 1980's mixte bike around the paths, but that's not really suitable for flogging round on dirt.

If anyone has anything that has been outgrown, or upgraded looking for a new home, please feel free to put your hand up. I'm not sure I want to to go new as he'll be out of it in 18 months or so.

And unlike last time - I won't buy anything till i check back here. :mrgreen:

Thanks in advance guys


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