Thinking about going Alfine...

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Thinking about going Alfine...

Postby Crawf » Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:19 am

There is really no point to this thread, i'm pretty much just thinking out aloud here...

So these IGH thoughts have been creeping into my head lately, my singlespeed 73" commuter is now starting to take its toll on my knees but I don't want to give up my top end speed, yes i'm thickheaded.
I'm thinking an Alfine8 might be a nice compromise while still keeping the lines somewhat clean on my bike. Could probably pick up a used complete rear alfine wheel or even complete bike off ebay cheaply.

Gates make a compatible belt driven sprocket which supposedly fits onto an Alfine8 without to much fuss, the frame is already 'broken' so the belt can come off, and although a little exxy, Versa VRS brifters are now available for drop bars. I'm running no rear brake anyway so can do without the roller or disc, and cable housing I guess can be zip tied to the frame.

Currently running 55/20t, the new rear sprocket would be a 24t, giving me...
How does this look to current Alfine/Nexus riders

My current rear end is 135, the same as an Alfine axle, the only unknown is belt alignment? Which I'll try to nut out this weekend going off this: ... -rev02.PDF
Does anyone know the diamater of an Alfine Axle, will it slot into my 10mm dropouts?
Should I be worried about the Alfine kicking me off, as i've read on occasions has happened to some users? I am VERY hard on my drivetrain.
Am I being foolish or should I have a crack at this project?

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Re: Thinking about going Alfine...

Postby lang » Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:16 pm

Do it!!! Sounds like you've thought of all the issues.
I've been thinking of putting an IGH on my single speed, but I kind of regret that it wouldn't be completely maintenance free given I still have a chain to lube. Plus I'd love to have disc brakes for the really rainy days.
Fit that Alfine to your bike and you'll have my dream bike! :)
Let us know how it goes.

Oh and what are those handlebars you have? Are they non-oversize drop bars?

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Re: Thinking about going Alfine...

Postby Evetsllub » Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:40 pm

Got the Alfine's little brother (Nexus) on my commuter. Love it. Its heavy, but my bike is a rebuilt 80's 10 speed with a big box i have build on the back of it, so it aint light anyway.

Best things about the Nexus:
Good range of gears - for a commute its perfect for me.
Don't have to think about downshifting at lights - I love being able to cruise up to some lights and then think about what gear i need to be in to take off...
No dropped chains
Low maintenance - hasnt missed a beat in 6 months. Once a week i check that the lines match and away i go.

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Re: Thinking about going Alfine...

Postby Crawf » Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:43 am

Figured out the belt line on my current SS frame, the Alfine belt line is about 4mm off, resulting in the belt hanging off the front beltring.
The front bb/axle cannot be adjusted or spaced out.
But if I could space the sprocket on the Alfine it would work?

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Re: Thinking about going Alfine...

Postby westab » Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:54 pm

Crawf - I have no idea about belt drive or hub gears; but please keep posting as I would like to hear more about both. While I don't commute far (work & return distance on 100km per week) I do have to do it in all conditions. I am interested in getting myself a "wet weather" bike as I am sick of cleaning out the usual road / pathway grime from chain and RD. I thought a SS would be better but the hub gear sounds interesting.

Good luck with the build - it would be great to see some photos. :D
Not fast, no style, but still get there.

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Re: Thinking about going Alfine...

Postby Crawf » Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:35 pm

I've decided I'm going to get myself an custom XACD frame with the 'ole christmas bonus, may as well do this thing right, all things running to plan she'll be a one of a kind bike.

Think Civia Bryant Alfine, but without the slack geometry.

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