Review: Sennheiser/adidas PMX 680i headphones

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Review: Sennheiser/adidas PMX 680i headphones

Postby DaveOZ » Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:26 pm


Firstly I have weird ears, they lack the flap above the lobe and I just can't get any ear buds to stay in there. I've tried many in-ear types as well with no luck.

I found these Sennheiser PMX 680i earphones after much searching and thought I'd give them a try, despite the high price.

They fit perfectly, sitting on the outside of your ear and held in place with light pressure from the headband. I had no problems fitting them below my helmet and the straps sit nicely over them. As usual it's better if you fit your sunnies on the outside of the helmet straps. :wink:

They are water and sweat proof so should cope with cycling.

The sound quality is excellent given the design,with clear and consistent sound. Not as good are ear canal buds but I find those fall out when cycling. The other major advantage of the head band design is that you can still hear ambient noises like cars as long as you don't have it too loud. Very important for running or cycling. They do cut down the wind noise and make for a very pleasant riding experience. I was able to easily skip songs by double clicking the button and volume was easy too. I even made a call to my wife and the conversion was very clear at both ends. There is only one cord which is on the left hand side and I think this makes them easier to manage than the ear buds.

Make sure you buy them from the Apple store because these ones have an in-built microphone and small control pad for volume and song pause/skip. This means it works with iPhone/iPods and most phones I assume. There is a PMX 680 (with no "i" on the end) sold at Dick Smiths etc that DOES NOT have the mic. I bought mine at the Apple Shop in Sydney but you can order them easily on-line. ... TY3ODQ5OTY

I mostly cycle solo and commute each day so I'm really pleased I have finally found a headphone that works.
I would recommend these 100%.

Hope this is useful to someone.

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Re: Review: Sennheiser/adidas PMX 680i headphones

Postby Mulger bill » Sun Jan 02, 2011 4:03 pm

Not useful to me personally Dave but of value anyway.
Methinks I'll just slip it into the reviews section where it belongs.

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