Heidelberg and surrounds group training rides

Re: Heidelberg and surrounds group training rides

Postby aroes » Mon Feb 28, 2011 7:39 am

Pretty sure I saw you on Banksia St this morning mate, spotted a bloke with glasses and HTFU knicks

I was wearing all black Continental kit, walking my bike at the ped crossing......I'd just flatted

Plan was to ride from my gf's place in Coburg and meet up with the 'Molehill' bunch. As it happened I think I missed everyone on Burgundy St by about 5mins so I set off to do the route solo. Got lost and flatted about 2mins in :lol: :?

TBH I'm not sure I'd have kept up anyway.....I've never ridden in a bunch before and don't know the route. Might have another crack at it solo sometime soon and hopefully join the bunch at some point. Also, I really need to get my shiz together and get a GPS unit. Lately I've been getting lost almost every time I get on the bike!

Happy riding
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by BNA » Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:23 pm


Re: Heidelberg and surrounds group training rides

Postby anth73 » Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:23 pm

I was going to pen today's ride report once I got home tonight, however havng just read Kevin's account of his amazing conquest in Sunday's 3 Peak's Challenge, anything I could write about today's Tour de Eltham pales into insignificance. Other than perhaps it was the return of Nicko to the Tour de Eltham...great to have you back mate! :wink:

Well done to Kevin on his amazing achievement and just check out the Garmin stats! :shock: Enjoy Kevin's ride report everyone and I hope this motivates us for the ACE250 next January.

After 5 months of training the 3 Peaks Challenge finally arrived.

My training plan had been to build a nice big base from September to December and ramp up my training January to March. I tackled the Dandenongs, Kinglake and Kew Boulie sessions as regular rides (I know every bump on the Boulie intimately). Throw in Donna Buang and the Dandenongs from all sides, and you get the picture, plenty of hills and plenty of intervals. January to March most weeks were 350 ~ 500km, with a few more relaxed weeks and a taper at the end.

Training in this drought breaking year has been hard with many wet weekends forcing me to adapt my training, with more emphasis on mid week rides. I hooked up with the guys from Peak Bike Hub Heidelberg and Banyule Cycling Club and found no shortage of motivation, or tough kms with these guys. I appreciate every kilometre these guys put in with me as it really set me up for the 3 Peaks.

The Victorian High Country can dish up all sorts of weather. I think back to the 2010 edition of 3 Peaks and can say it was the closest thing to putting your trainer under a cold shower and pedalling for 10 hours. This year turned out a little different.

Falls Ck was shrouded in fog for the 7am start and I managed to squeeze in toward the front of the bunch. There was a speed limit of 50kph on the descent for safety reasons, and they slowly fed the riders out through a narrow shoot. I passed a number of riders on the way down the foggy mountain, as I approached the last half of the descent it started to rain and the memories of 2010 came back. I passed through Mt Beauty and I was soaked as I prepared for Tawonga Gap. I was looking forward to an opportunity to warm up and crested the first climb in 29mins. The descent was wet but having ridden this many times I was able to make good time to the turn off and head toward the base of Mt Hotham. I hooked up with another rider 10kms from Harrietville and swapped turns to the base of Mt Hotham.

A quick pit-stop at Harrietville and up Mt Hotham taking 1:50hrs, not exactly my quickest time but in the scheme of the day, I was happy. The fog was so thick on Mt Hotham that the Garmin was having trouble registering the elevation. This is a big climb and to do it without being able to see 1 metre in front of you can be a blessing. Eventually I crested the climb and headed to Dinner Plain, the air cleared and it was full speed ahead. A short stop for lunch, my support crew (Genevieve, thank you so much) had already got my lunch, so no queuing, nice dry shoes, socks and a bidon then back on the road.

The trip to Omeo turned out sunny and I hooked up with another rider and worked turns through to the base of Falls Ck. By this time I had dried out, re-hydrated, fed and mentally prepared for the last big climb. I parted company with my co-rider who acknowledged that his gear selection would see him forced to walk some sections. The next 9kms are murderous, you hit this wall with 200kms in your legs and have to dig deep to keep going. I worked off my heart rate, keeping it around 145bpm, the clouds opened up one more time to let me know the weather was in charge. Fortunately, the rain was warm, the sun was shiny and I could see blue sky up through the trees. I crested the climb, a quick water stop at Trapyard Gap and away across the undulating high plain. Memories of 2 flat tyres and riding a deflated rear wheel for 12kms in 2010 came flooding back, but this year was different. The last few kms were long and the wind was up, finally Rocky Valley Dam was in sight and the last little pinch.
Up, over and down to the finish....16th place. Very Nice………

Garmin Stats:

Time: 09:17:06
Moving Time: 09:04:55
Elapsed Time: 09:41:44
Avg Speed: 25.3 km/h
Avg Moving Speed: 25.9 km/h
Max Speed: 81.6 km/h
Distance: 234.89 km
Elevation Gain: 4,929 m
Calories: 9,397 C

Avg HR: 132bpm
Max HR: 159bpm
Avg Bike Cadence: 75 rpm

Kev Russell
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Re: Heidelberg and surrounds group training rides

Postby Fabby » Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:41 am

Well done!!
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Re: Heidelberg and surrounds group training rides

Postby grnis200 » Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:15 pm

Congratulations on a great effort, some 22min riding time quicker than mine.

Interesting Garmin specs as I recorded 4,323m: (Vs 4,929m)

It may be worth seeing if your firmware is up to date as altitude and temperture were known bugs with much of the Garmin series. I think the general consesus is about 4300m of climbing, way of the BV claim of 5311?
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Re: Heidelberg and surrounds group training rides

Postby anth73 » Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:19 pm

I think there were quite a few variances due to thick fog over Mt Hotham, which apparently plays havoc with how the Garmin's record altitude. Nonetheless a great effort by everyone!
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Re: Heidelberg and surrounds group training rides

Postby anth73 » Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:44 am

With the P-Train once again absent from this morning's festivities it was an opportunity for the cream to rise to the top. Stepping into the void was none other than Nicko, who led us out and up the Beverley Rd climb in the (very) dark morning. Well...at least it was part way up the climb with Troy alongside before gravity got the better of him and he gradually filtered back through the peloton. Well done though on taking the initiative! 8)

We rolled at a comfortably quick pace to the foot of the Bonds Rd climb and as per usual it split the bunch, with David C just taking the KoM - bravo. I almost came a cropper up Phil's hill as I was slowed by a couple of riders ahead and lost all momentum up the steep pinch climb! :shock: David C decided to top this by running wide at the righthand hairpin at the base of Mt Pleasant Rd, thankfully he regained composure and kept it together. Taking the honours today though was Eias who did a Schleck and dropped his chain just around the lefthand hairpin at the start of the Mt Pleasant KoM. :shock: I was out of the saddle and right behind him when this happened :shock: :shock: :shock: but somehow managed to unclip and stop just in time to avoid a collision. come to think of it, he did this to me a couple of weeks ago on Phil's Hill...I'm sure there's a lesson here??? :?

Eventually we managed to get going again but that climb sure is a PITA from a standing start! At this stage the backmarkers had gone past and I soon enough (just) managed to catch sight of Nicko in his all-black kit. Problem was his rear blinky was off. For his safety I stayed with him most of the way up Mt Pleasant and we bid him a safe ride back to Heidelberg at this stage as his legs weren't firing on all cyclinders. Bravo to Kevin - fresh from his 3 Peaks epic - taking out his first ever Mt Pleasant KoM. 8)

It was still dark for the return journey along Main Rd and Troy and I rolled some turns to catch up to the middle of the bunch. Regrouped at the top of Bonds the instructions were to roll tempo so we could have a group sprint. Unfortunately the leading riders didn't get the message and the "sprint" was on from the golf course. :? It might have been Andrew Hull who took it out...I wasn't watching as I decided to do my own sprint here from well back for some additional interval training.

One more week of riding in darkness before a reprieve with the end of daylight savings. Perhaps then I'll have a crack at bettering my Mt Pleasant KoM time. :twisted:
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Re: Heidelberg and surrounds group training rides

Postby anth73 » Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:09 pm

With this thread on the Bicycle Victoria forums website being substantially more popular I'm retiring this thread for good.

Click on over to http://www.bv.com.au/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=14513 for the most recent updates of group rides in the Heidelberg and surrounding areas. Thanks for your support everyone! :D
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