fork rake +7mm, A2C -5mm: Handling?

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fork rake +7mm, A2C -5mm: Handling?

Postby jemima » Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:23 am

For my hardtail (Head tube angle is 71.3 deg.) I am looking at a new Trigon MC01 rigid carbon fork.

The suspension fork on the bike is 420mm A2C and 40.6mm rake.

The Trigon is 415mm and 48mm rake.

Supposing I add a "plus 5" headset (adds 5mm to lower stack height) resulting in approx. the 420mm A2C again, how is this large rake increase going to affect the handling/steering?

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Re: fork rake +7mm, A2C -5mm: Handling?

Postby trailgumby » Sun Apr 24, 2011 2:57 pm

It will make the steering more sudden and the bike less stable. It does this by reducing the effective trail of the contact patch behind where the steering tube axis intersects the ground. Whehter it's going to be potentially too twitchy could be sussed out by comparing axle trail with other popular flatbar roadies.

On the plus side, you'd be slightly less likely to go over the bars if you grabbed too much front brake. :wink:

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