Rain pants - yay or nay?

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Re: Rain pants - yay or nay?

Postby Aushiker » Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:35 pm

wombatK wrote:Showers Pass stuff gets good reports from others here - il padrone is a big fan. Some of the convertible ones seem to have a variety of fabrics (e.g. lycra zip-off bottoms ?), so you might need to check details of each model. Specs on the Endura ones look okay - fairly similar to the Vaude ones, in specs and in price.

I am familiar with Shower Pass gear having just lost a brand new Elite 2.0 jacket and a pair of their Storm Pants (not that great but still a loss is a loss), hence why I am back in the market :(.

I will replace the Shower Pass Elite 2.0 with another one I am pretty sure but I am taking the opportunity to rethink the pants. The Endura pants are cheaper than the Vaude one's based on current purchase options. Mind you Endura's top of the range jacket is cheaper too and their 2010 eVent model is going for $160 at Wiggle at the moment (clearance). Decisions decisions.


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