Which cheap tubular tyre?

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Which cheap tubular tyre?

Postby Chris249 » Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:22 pm

Just picked up some Zip 440s in very good nick (apart from a tear near a spoke in the rear that should be easily repaired - it's gone to a guy I ride with who builds high-tech carbon boats) and would like to use them in this weekend's race.

The problem is, the local prices for good tubular tyres seem to be exhorbitant and although delivery times from OS are good, I don't think I can get some good tubs out here in time.

There seem to be very good reviews for the Conti Sprinter, which is well prices on Torpedo 7. What are the feelings here?

Are the Conti Giros any good? The reviews on the net for the Giro appear to be extremely mixed.

Thanks for any info.
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by BNA » Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:39 am


Re: Which cheap tubular tyre?

Postby Robdog » Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:39 am

Chris249 wrote:Are the Conti Giros any good? The reviews on the net for the Giro appear to be extremely mixed.

No. Ordered 2 for a set of 440's with 404 hubs and spokes. The first one lasted about 600 metres before it blew out 2 triangles of tread and sidewall about the size of a 5cent piece. The second lasted about 150k's before it did exactly the same thing. Both were run well within their pressure limits, on paths that we ride almost daily. Vittoria Rally at least survive, but they're not as puncture proof as their weight suggests.
The one other pair I've had any experience with are Zipp Tangent. Apart from a few punctures they were quite good, and they lasted about 1500k's for a set - not bad for super light racing tubs in my book.
I'd probably be looking at the GP4000 tubular for all-purpose riding, or VIttoria Corsa/Conti Competition if they're race only wheels and you've got a bit of cash to burn
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Re: Which cheap tubular tyre?

Postby Chris249 » Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:55 am

Thanks for that. I also went to City Bike Depot yesterday and was advised that for the race I'm doing this weekend (crit around a bumpy circuit) I'd be better off sticking with the clinchers I know, rather than using trying to get used to cheapies and new wheels. I was concerned about that aspect. So now I'll do my first OS order and get some good tubs in time for the next road race and time trial.

These are race-only wheels, and will come out for TTs and smoother courses only, so the boots won't get much wear.

It's damn good when guys at a bike shop give you the advice you need, rather than the advice that will make them a short-term profit. That was the second time it happened to me that lunch hour; the first was at MC Cyclery in relation to a bearing cup. My LBS, Bicycle Garage, is similar.
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Re: Which cheap tubular tyre?

Postby ValleyForge » Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:11 am

I have Veloflex on the two bikes I have that run tubulars; Servizio Corse which I get at least 1500K from riding around Brisbane. I have some Veloflex Roubaix I'm saving for a special occasion ( l'Eroica). Not cheap, but can't fault the quality.

What the LBS didn't say is it takes about 48hrs to glue properly to carbon wheels. Really it should take 72hrs or so to do properly and I'd never rush. I'm a fan of the Continental carbon cement; you shouldn't use non-carbon glue on carbon wheels so order some appropriate glue too. And you'll need a high pressure pump - I run at 160psi.
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