A tour company for riding the big hills in the France?

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A tour company for riding the big hills in the France?

Postby Arlberg » Mon Oct 10, 2011 9:51 pm

I would like to take my bike to France and try cycling over some of the high passes such as the Alpe d Huez, Col de Tourmelet, Col du Galibier and other famous climbs often seen in the Tour de France. To test myself, I would like to ride over these passes without having to carry any gear/luggage. I am wondering if there is a company who will pick up my gear from a hotel/pension etc on one side of the hill, maybe in a mini van etc, and take it over (or around) and leave it at a similar hotel/pension on the other side of the hill. I can then ride up and over the hill and meet my gear on the other side at the next hotel/pension. Perhaps the mini van could come behind and act as a support vehicle in case I can't make it or need a break/repair etc. Then the next day the same thing over another famous pass. Does anyone know of/or can recommend a company offering such group tours or services? Has anyone done such a trip?

Also is there a company in New Zealands South Island doing a similar thing?

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Re: A tour company for riding the big hills in the France?

Postby U2adam!!! » Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:09 pm

A quick Google search turned up this...


Just something to consider. I am guessing that there are a number of companies who run similar tours although I've no experience with any of them.


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Re: A tour company for riding the big hills in the France?

Postby Daccordi Rider » Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:13 pm

I recently spent a week in the Alps. We did a tour with More than 21 Bends and it was brilliant. An English couple with a house in Bourg d Oisans, great people, really good value. You can hook in with a tour they are doing, we did the Alp d Huez to Italy tour, met great people and had a great time. Or they can just provide you with support. Let me know if I can help further.
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Re: A tour company for riding the big hills in the France?

Postby Dahondude » Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:41 pm

www.kingofthemountains.co.uk This is an English couple who run a chalet near Bourg d'Oisan. They'll come and pick you up from Grenoble or Lyon (for a fee) and can also drive you to the base of some of the further climbs. But from their place you can do the Croix der Fer, Galibier, Alp d'Huez and pile of other great mountain rides. They are excellent value..you get breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner (and beer and wine). We've stayed with them twice and if France wasnt so expensive to get to I'd go back there every year

For the Pyrenees try www.pyractif.com You can do point to point rides with them, inlcuding the coast to coast in both directions through the Pyrenees (Ive ridden the coast to coast with them in both directions) or just stay in their fantastic converted farmhouse and do day rides from there. You can access a lot of very famous cols.
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