Commercial Participation in the Forum

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Commercial Participation in the Forum

Postby AUbicycles » Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:35 am

This is a reference thread for new members / commercial enterprises and organisation to outline how to 'safely' participate.

This forum is very strict on spam which includes direct or disguised promotion - except if there is specific approval from a moderator.
Please do not mistake the forums as a tool for easy and free promotion. Any one or any business who spams will be blacklisted and depending upon the seriousness, further action may be taken.

But can business participate? Yes.
We welcome industry however please use these guidelines:
• Unless you have approval, you can't start a thread or post promotional messages or information about your products or company
• You can answer / respond to member question about your products or similar products. Please answer the question rather than create a promotion or advertisement. If in doubt, ask a moderater.
• Please disclose your relationship or interest with the company.
• You can have a URL (web address) in your signature - though the signature is not for further promotion or advertising
• You can participate as a member, though for topics where there is a vested interest, if you are open and non-pushy, this works best.

Why so complicated?
If there are only commercial propositions it becomes a spam forum and not much value for anyone.

Can business profit from the forum?
Yes - but not in a naive way by promoting blindly, rather by answering member questions about your products or products you know about, you are positively representing your business. This means credibility and typically an indirect advantage and in some cases if you are a recognisable member of the forums you may directly see the rub-off.

If in doubt, ask a mod.

But I have a fantastic product / service and I want everyone to know now!
We have advertising opportunities on the Forum and Bicycles Network Australia (main) site from banner advertising to cooperations and sponsorship.

Christopher (Admin) AuBicycles

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