Aldi helmet mounted video cams

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Aldi helmet mounted video cams

Postby marc2131 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:53 am

Hi all
I was ALMOST involved in an accident this morning at the corner of Ultimo Road and Darling Drive, Haymarket. This is at the traffic lights just behind UTS' Markets campus. I was cycling thru a green light when a white 4WD turned right in front of me. That was a bit close but was okay. This was then followed by a scooter and another holden/toyota reddish car. I had to swerve to avoid the scooter and the car began turning as I reached it. Did not fall off but got a fright.
My question is:
On the 17th Dec, Aldi is selling a helmet mounted vid cam corder for $79. For those of you who are familiar with such equipment, is this worth the money or should I just spend a bit more on a more expensive one?
Would have loved to video that incident and sent it to the police. Too late now but I may be ready next time.
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