South Pole Anyone?

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South Pole Anyone?

Postby Aushiker » Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:23 pm


An expedition is attempting to be the first to use a bike to reach the South Pole. It will mean tackling some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. So how can a bike manage it?

Snowdrifts, blizzards, rutted ice, altitude sickness, frostbite and snow blindness. They're hardly the odd speed bump, tree root or wayward pedestrian a cyclist usually faces on a bike ride, but this isn't an average journey.

Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton is hoping to become the first person to use a bike to reach the South Pole. She is attempting to travel 500 miles (805km) across Antarctica and will cycle for large parts of it, as well as snowkiting and walking. She hopes to complete the trek for Sport Relief in 20 days.

More at the BBC.


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Re: South Pole Anyone?

Postby tmac100 » Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:27 pm


Andrew, this sounds like fun because someone is paying for it. Speaking of someone ... I know personally 2 men who were with ANARE in the 1960s and the stories and pics they showed me were, well, just plain gruesome for the worst of times, and sheer beautiful for the best of times. The best and the worst were due to wild changes in the weather :roll:

An "acquaintance" of several years ago is a Yankee who went to Antarctica with the US system. He speaks well of the place, but he said they never walked much as it was just too tough.

Yes, I know folks have done it on foot, but I also note that I have not read of folks bicycling from the North Slope of Alaska to the North pole - even though several folks have bicycles to the North Slope. The northern Hemisphere route is supposedly easier than the southern one in Antarctica.

In summary, no thanks - I prefer to bicycle Australia in your cool winter much more than camping (as I have done in my yourth) in Canada's sub arctic (54 degrees N) when the temps were -36C and we actually had a wood stove on one of our tents :D

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