Letter to Warringah Councillors

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Re: Letter to Warringah Councillors

Postby stanevelyn » Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:38 pm

il padrone wrote:
trailgumby wrote:That said, it's the law and its there for a reason so just gotta deal with it.

....and there are signs :idea:

Get continually amazed/dismayed/disgusted on encountering roadworks signs and slowing to the posted speed (be it 80, 60 or even 40kmh), only to have tools on the rear bumper - flashing lights and flying by at 100 :roll: :evil: Like they can't see the sign ???


I have the same problem, but i dont care. I will drive within the speed limit and sometimes about 5kph lower. If they want to be fools then i have no sympathy for them. I have reached the point where I will only stop to help cyclists. I wont stop at a vehicle accident, nor will I assist a driver needing help unless i know them. When I ride i have been treated badly so often by drivers that I just dont care about them any more. I hope that this letter has some effect on the council.


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Re: Letter to Warringah Councillors

Postby GraemeL » Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:33 pm

I think the biggest problem is that these signs are left out well after the road works have been finished. People tend to ignore them because of this. I have always wondered why they are not removed once the hazard has been fixed.

I still slow to the required speed and if anyone behind starts leaning on the horn or flashing lights I slow to 10 or 20k.

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