cycling east coast in winter

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cycling east coast in winter

Postby zakstarer » Fri Jan 26, 2007 10:37 am

Hey everyone,

I'm coming to live in Melbourne from San Francisco this upcoming winter, approximately May 20th through July 20th, so 8 weeks. I plan on staying with family in the city for 3-4 weeks, but want to do a 4-5 week bike tour on the east coast. I'm open to many options, starting from melbourne going north, going towards adelaide, taking the bus/train/plane up north and coming down, really anything. All I know is that it will be my first long cycling tour, also it's my first time in Australia, and I'd like to do something with less heavy car traffic. I'd love some help with a possible route. I was thinking about Melbourne to Sydney, a loop from Melbourne to Canberra and back, Cairns to Brisbane along the great barrier reef, but like I said, I'm totally open.

Thanks so much!


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Postby europa » Fri Jan 26, 2007 11:24 am

Much as I'd like to aim you towards Adelaide, the Great Ocean Road (which runs along the southern coast) has nothing between it and the Antarctic and in winter (which that'll be), it gets ... well ... wintery. As for the inland route, well you'll reach a point where there is a hell of a lot of not a hell of a lot which wouldn't bother me, but seems a waste of a holiday from America seeing you're doing it by bike (in a car, you belt through it in a day).

Mate, start at Melbourne and work your way north. The east coast of Oz is wall to wall historical sites so just work your way between them. Aim slightly inland towards the old mining settlements such as Ballarat. There are townships all through that strip so you don't need to plan too much, just go from town to town and if that town doesn't offer you something, head on to the next one. You'll be getting a mix of history, scenery and 'touristy stuff'. When it's getting near the end of your time, just catch a bus or a train back to base camp and you're ready for your return home.

Australia's so big and varied that there's not point in trying to see 'all' or experience all the different nuances like a lot of people do. Just pick a bit and do it well.


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Happy Cycling!

Postby katemichellepope » Wed Mar 28, 2007 9:15 am

No experience cycling in Oz, only in China/Tibet but I'd have to agree that you can't go wrong with the East Coast as there's plenty to see & do, places to stay, etc

Safe journey & Enjoy Oz! : )


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