Tweed Fondo / Noosa Century 6 May

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Tweed Fondo / Noosa Century 6 May

Postby whichway » Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:32 am


Two rides both well over 100 km, both in really pleasant country, both reasonably well organised, both with just the right combination of hills and flats


Its not like there aren't 51 other weekends they could have chosen.

Not happy

Theres this thing called email, and even better, an older thing called a phone. Perhaps the organisers might use one of these next year to see if they can communicate and improve their timing.

(PS The Tweed Fondo includes the battle of the border series of races so quite a few riders will have to make a decision about where to go. There will be fewer cyclists at either of these events this year even though there may be collectively more cyclists at both of them)

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