Avanti Cadent 2.0 2011

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Avanti Cadent 2.0 2011

Postby overthehill » Sat Feb 19, 2011 9:41 am

Avanti Cadent 2.0 2011

Purchased (well insurance replacement really) 29 Jan 2011

Cost (normally) $3499 - from Cycleworx Semaphore SA

Used for weekend rides and weekday commutes

ADt R3 Carbon, endurance geometry, fork ADT E3 monocoque carbon 1 1/8-1 1/2
Gruppo Ultegra (all except 105 cogs)
Wheelset Mavic Ksyrium Equipe
Tyres Conti Ultra Race
Bars Zero Attack Pro, stem Zero Attack Pro

At the time of this review bike is still stock standard. I have added my Garmin, lights and a saddle bag. Thats it.

I have been riding this bike for 3 weeks now, so it may be a little early to know it well. I should also mention I've been riding since late 2009, and this is my first 'serious' bike.

My first few rides were hesitant, coming back from injury on a new bike. I soon learnt that this bike handles very well. I'd call it well-mannered and instinctive (if you can call an inanimate object that!). I can dodge potholes at the last moment, but it doesn't feel 'skittish'. The thin seat stays (like the Cervelo R3) make the bike very comfortable. I can still feel the road, but I get to the end of an 80k ride still looking for more. The geometry is more relaxed than the Quantum range. This has a longer wheelbase and higher head tube, and a 27.2 seat post and thin seat stays.

Speaking of potholes, my old bike would seem to bounce backwards at bumps. The Avanti flows through. The frame seems more alive than my old carbon frame. Similar to my steel single speed.

I know from my Garmin that I am averaging 3 - 5kmh faster over the same route, and that's not my legs getting better! There are other little things I've noticed too, like a particular corner with a manhole right on the apex. On my old bike I couldn't get around the corner on the inside of the manhole at speed. This bike, easily.

Last weekend I went up Norton Summit for the first time in 2 months. I'd been putting it off, spending time on the flat building up strength again. Approaching the hills I was worried I'd struggle, but no, the bike is great ascending. I managed an easy PB. Standing out of the saddle feels aggressive and not as tiring as my previous bike. I can stay out of the saddle for longer. And it holds the road, no loss of grip at the rear wheel.

At first I felt cautious descending, but after a few turns I stomped it and it flowed through the curves. The brakes really are better than the 105's I have been used to. And the gear changes are precise, although I found the levers have a fairly long throw before they click. And I need to adjust the reach (but I do have short fingers).

I'm used to the '09 Shimano 105 gruppo, which is really quite good for anyone who just rides on weekends, maybe commutes as well. But Ultegra is quite a step up. Gear changes are precise, where 105 could occasionally not change, or skip a cog. And the brakes feel more refined, and less likely to lock up. I've found they are pretty good in the wet, too.

The standard saddle looks good, and surprisingly feels good too. I was expecting to change it but it just might stay. Saddles are a very personal thing though.

This is the first time I have ridden Mavics (since the early '80's, but that doesn't really count). These are the Ksyrium Equipes, and I really like them. They feel like they roll very well, are stable, and a great wheel for commuting and weekend warrior/ing - which suits me just fine. The contis aren't bad either. I had 4000s on my previous ride, and I'm sure I'll upgrade, but I'll wear these out first.

I love the black and white of the 2.0. Apart from anything else, it lets me wear whatever colours I like!
One thing about the paintwork - I've noticed one short section of slightly uneven linework, but this is a minor quibble.

I don't know what this bike weighs, but it feels light, especially on the hills. Strong cross winds try to move it around a bit, but not too much.

Once you get the right position on the bike, it feels like all of your power gets to the wheel and you feel centered, or balanced.

All up so far, BIG smiles!

Stable on descents
Good cornering

Cluster isn't Ultegra
Paintwork very slightly less than perfect

For long miles on a Sunday, with some hills and fast flats, this is a great bike. I can't comment on racing (because I havn't), but my LBS said it could be raced.




Value for money
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Re: Avanti Cadent 2.0 2011

Postby overthehill » Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:06 pm

This is actually a 1 year update to this review.

I've ridden just shy of 8000k in the last year, so I feel I really know this bike. Most of what I said a year ago is still valid.

I have changed the saddle to a Selle Italia SLR. MUCH better, I can finish longer rides without any discomfort. This is, of course, a personal thing.

Somehow a spoke tore out of the rear Mavic. My LBS sent it back to Mavic who rebuilt it with a new rim and spokes. I guess they wanted to see what the damage to the rim was. Apart from that I havn't had any issues with the wheels.

I found the seat post wouldn't play nice with the Selle Italia saddle - I suspect there was a slight difference in spacing on the Selle rails, because the saddle kept lifting out of the clamp. I changed to a 3T Dorico, with no more problems, a better clamp design, IMO.

I also found my position changed as I got fitter. I now use a 120mm stem — the Avanti stock stem was 110mm. Changing my stem length has made the bike a little more responsive too.

I started with fairly worn 105 pedals, but after a while I upgraded to Keo blades.

I still like the way the bike feels light yet planted, not skittish. The TDU ride was an excellent day in the saddle, where the bike felt really good on rolling hills and climbs and that great approach into Mt Pleasant. Lovely.

My LBS gave it it's 1 year service a couple of weeks ago, and there wasn't really much they had to do.

So, I'm still really happy with the Cadent 2.0.
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Re: Avanti Cadent 2.0 2011

Postby carcharias » Thu Oct 01, 2015 11:10 pm

Great bike and a good era for Avanti's.
Would I be correct in saying that this model in 2015 is a very different bike (not as good) as the 2011 model? Ultegra/Mavic Ksyrium wheels. Forks are hilarious on these Sheppards...
How much does it weigh and what's the maximum width tyres you can fit?

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