Calga 25km TT vs Canberra tour 20km TT

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Calga 25km TT vs Canberra tour 20km TT

Postby liamo » Fri Feb 17, 2012 8:19 pm

I competed in my first Calga TT this month. Lot's of lovely equipment and big engines!
I've done a couple of club TT's as well as Tri's and Duathlons.

I completed the course in 42:35 at an average of 35.3. Nothing spectacular but something to work from.

How does Calga compare to the TT in the Canberra tour?
The elevation profile shoes there is a gradual uphill at the start of the Canberra TT while I found Calga undulating.

Any first hand opinions or otherwise as to which of the two courses would be quicker? Is the road quality similar? Any words of advise for the Canberra TT? e.g which sections to push and which areas to hold back on.

I'm keeping an eye out for a TT bike with frame 58 cm size. There was a Cervelo Dual 2007 on Ebay that went for under $1000 which I was very tempted to buy but I held out. I figure i'd get enough use out of TT bike and my current road bike handlebars won't take aero bars.

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by BNA » Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:53 pm


Re: Calga 25km TT vs Canberra tour 20km TT

Postby Ross » Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:53 pm

I've only done Calga course once about a year ago so my memory of it may be a little hazy whereas I ride the Canberra course several times a week. I would say the Canberra course would be hillier. Road surface is similar. Fast downhill finish in Canberra. Canberra course is deceptive IMO, even though I've ridden it dozens of times I still get confused sometimes as to how far away the finish actually is and tend to use all my energy too early.

58cm is big for a TT bike, normally you ride a size smaller in a TT bike compared to road bike. If 58cm is the right size you might have a chance at picking one up for a good price because they aren't as popular.
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Re: Calga 25km TT vs Canberra tour 20km TT

Postby liamo » Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:34 pm

HI Ross,
Yeah I've read that you should go a size smaller for a TT bike. I feel being 6'3 I wouldn't get it wrong getting a 58. Also i'm none too flexy so am I right in saying the size 58 should support my lack of Flexiness better then a smaller frame?

SO the Canberra Tour has been delayed. I'm happy about it as I think I would have struggled to be competitive in C grade. The wait until September will give me a better preparation.

I ended up going to Canberra for a 3 day weekend taking in the Amy Gillet Ride Big Canberra Bike ride.
Its great cycling in and around Canberra.
Friday we rode around town taking in 3 climbs all within the city centre. (for the knowledgable of Canberra; Black Mountain, Mt Ainslie and Red Hill)
Saturday we cycled 120 kms to Corin Dam and back. Corin is a climb that climbs from 600m to 1200m but not very steep at just over 4% and no where near as hard as it was during Fitz's challenge last year as its the final big climb. The road was closed to local traffic only so far 80 kms of our ride we didnt see a car on very scenic roads. Plenty of wildlife about including Roo's, wallabies and a Dingo :shock: .
Sunday we participated in the 105km Big Canberra Bike Ride which took in Uriarra Road twice so I got a decent run over the road where the time trial will be held.
Its both similar and quite different to the Calga TT. The road quality is similar with quite a bumpy ride in sections. Both TT's are out and back with an noticeable easier and harder half of the ride. Its different to Calga in that the ride starts on an uphill before going on a slight downhill until the turn around point compared to the harder first half of Calga.

It didn't feel too fast a course so last years winning average of over 41km per hour seems more impressive now especially after a moring 55km road race. I'd guess it would be similar average speed wise for anyone who has tried out Calga but not Canberra or visa versa.

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Re: Calga 25km TT vs Canberra tour 20km TT

Postby mikesbytes » Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:56 pm

Pity I didn't find this thread earlier;

2011 - Canberra 20k 32:12
2011 - Calga 25k 39:13 and 40:07

Same bike/setup for both
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