Re: Standish Cycles Mile End SA - Customer Service???

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Re: Standish Cycles Mile End SA - Customer Service???

Postby oldster » Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:14 pm

Has anybody else experienced poor service at this branch of Standish Cycles store? Went in to enquire about special advertised, two people being served, and waited my turn, about 5-10 minutes. Someone burst through the door after me, and imagine my disgust when the manager came out the back served them first with no explanation whatsoever.
Nobody said "Sorry to keep you waiting or anything".
I have purchased most of my bicycling needs through Standish and even had my last bike purchase, helped in choice by the founder of the chain.
With this kind of service I would advise any prospective purchaser to avoid this store, and this has soured my relationship with Standish in general.
My suggestion to purchaser's is avoid Standish.

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Postby europa » Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:39 pm

Unfortunately, I have to agree with you with regards to that particular store - the same bloke insisted that a bike I was interested in was the correct size when it was grossly undersized.

I've been into a number of Standish stores in Adelaide and like all chains, they vary, so if you want to support Standish, shop at another one of their stores and let this clown's attitude sink his own franchise, not the chain.


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Postby adelaidecyclist » Sun Jan 28, 2007 2:17 pm

Yeah I went shopping with a mate to get him an entry level MTB a few weeks ago.

Couldn't believe the deal at Standish on North East Rd. They actually had the best value bike, but after being really pushed into it, my mate ended up going to Standish Cycles Unley (where I have been before and would highly recomment). He basically bought his new Kona on customer service rather than just the best deal.

Head to Unley if you want to stick with the Standish name (even though they sell more Konas/Giants nowadays). :wink:

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