The sad lack of 24hr MTB events in QLD

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The sad lack of 24hr MTB events in QLD

Postby sumgy » Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:09 pm

As some of you may be aware, 3 years ago we had 3 24hr events up here in QLD (Insomnia, Two Wheel Promotions and Tailwind).
That number dropped down to 1 last year (Tailwind).
Just today Tailwind advised that they were scrapping their 24hr in favour of a 6 hour event.
Rachel Edwards, who is the current QLD women's champion and has attended the World Solo 24hr Championships twice, is trying to assess what support there is for a 24hr MTB event so that she can take this to local promoters.
We believe, from talking to a number of mates, that there is still support for the 24hr format (both as a teams race and from a solo rider option).

If you would like to see a 24hr event held in SEQ please click the below Facebook link and click like or post your message of support here.
Dont forget to pass the word to your mates too.

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Re: The sad lack of 24hr MTB events in QLD

Postby ldrcycles » Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:57 pm

When i saw this thread i clicked on it just to mention the facebook group, i don't ride MTB atm but 24hr races are really nice, and there is a lot of demand out there, i really don't understand why the promoters aren't doing it?
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Re: The sad lack of 24hr MTB events in QLD

Postby trailgumby » Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:38 pm

If they're not getting enough interest to make it economically worth their while they're doing it wrong.

2800 riders at the Mont, and widely rated as the best 24 event ever. I'm not in a position to judge as I haven't done any others, just passin' on the vibe.

Edit: forgot to mention it sold out within a day or two.

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