Cycling Facilities - St Martins Centre

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Cycling Facilities - St Martins Centre

Postby Speedster » Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:45 pm

Moving office in a couple of weeks to Dwyer Durack House, part of the St Martins Centre complex (40-50 St Georges Tce). Their website says "Showers and bike storage" under the facilities page.

Does anyone here work in DDH, St Martin's Tower or NAB House and ride in? I worked in SMT about 10 years ago, the "bike storage" was a triangle rack next to the car park attendant booth. Anyone could walk down the ramp and take off with a bike. The showers weren't too fantastic then either, but maybe they've had a refit. Can't find out until I'm there!

What I'd really like is:
- somewhere I can securely lock up my bike (to a rack in a caged area)
- store several days worth of clean work clothes hanging, i.e. a locker (commute is 30km each way, travel as light as possible)
- shower

If it's the same as 10 years ago, it would be
- secure bike in basement
- climb stairs from basement, walk across to DDH (no sheltered walkway), up to office to get clothes
- down to ground, walk back to SMT, down to basement for shower
- back up to office via step 2

Not very convenient! Do any end of trip facilities exist as above that are available? Or will I be resigned to PT as cycle commuting will be impractical.

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Re: Cycling Facilities - St Martins Centre

Postby Matt76 » Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:18 pm

Hi I was wondering if you are now working in this centre what are the facilities like? Are they as you had hoped and been upgraded? I may be looking at working in this building in the future and was hopeful that the bike facilities are good. Thanks

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Re: Cycling Facilities - St Martins Centre

Postby ramp » Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:17 am

Why the interest in the NAB building? Will you have access to that? I work in Ennex 100 which is what I think you refer to as the NAB building (it has a NAB sign on top and branch at street level). I enjoy outstanding end of trip facilities for my daily commute. 2 levels of secure bike storage, change rooms and showers that are maintained and a drying/ironing room.

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