speed humps and traffic calming

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Re: speed humps and traffic calming

Postby ironhanglider » Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:57 pm

il padrone wrote:The pseudo-bike lanes* have been there for over 20 years AFAIK, long before the splitter islands were installed. Yes, they were visual narrowing devices to slow traffic speeds (50kmh residential road), but the stupid thing is all the road crap, leaves, pine-needles, branches, pine-cones etc. gathers in the bike lane. Street sweepers cannot get in there so the bike-lane conditions become hazardous. I mostly ride just to the right of the white line. Now with the traffic tables it makes the road ride a bumpy one, and at one of the narrowing points, the bike lane is restricted to <120cm, just after a bend, with close roadside bushes :roll:

* even today I don't think there is a bike sign on a pole (legal requirement), just a bike logo on the lane.

It's not a logo, it's the chalk outline of a deceased bicycle. It is meant as a warning.



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Re: speed humps and traffic calming

Postby zero » Thu Jul 26, 2012 4:50 pm

Mulger bill wrote:
tubby74 wrote:roads and maritime, was the RTA until barry decided to make his sweeping changes and rename things

Lemme guess, the only thing that really changed was the name and masthead on the website? Same poor practices run by the same people?

If you can't do anything make it look like you're doing something :roll:

It was changed when they took over the responsibilities of NSW maritime. They do boat rego, water regulations etc, just like they do for motorists.

I've no doubt they are trying to work out how to build new motorboatways, and will soon introduce no-canoe zones and rowboat lights that are green for 5 seconds every 3 minutes.

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gorilla monsoon
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Re: speed humps and traffic calming

Postby gorilla monsoon » Thu Jul 26, 2012 5:40 pm

It was changed so Premier Baz, Uncle Duncan and their cronies could cut more bods out of the public service and save a bundle on rent money by closing a few offices under the guise of "eliminating duplication".

Anyone expecting better service or greater efficiency has rocks in their head.
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Re: speed humps and traffic calming

Postby tubby74 » Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:16 pm

Was out front of my house today and a car from bankstown council stopped and said he'd be spitting if they put one of those things in front of his house, gave advice on getting a petition and really forcing council on the matter. He did this without prompting, I was just taking a bike out of my car when he started the conversation. Seems residents get more support from other councils than we do from auburn.
Got an urban planner who lives down the road on the case and will get residents to sign petition this weekend and see where that gets us.

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