'Upgrading' to a 2005 Giant TCR-C1?

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'Upgrading' to a 2005 Giant TCR-C1?

Postby androidhaig » Thu Aug 02, 2012 7:05 pm

I'm currently riding a 2001 Giant TCR-0 with an Ultegra 6500 Groupset, I recently spotted a second hand 2005 model Giant TCR-C1 for $700, it's in great nick with all the stock components (as far as I can tell, mix of Dura Ace and Ultegra 6600). My current bike is in pretty much the same condition as this bike, both really well maintained and practically new condition. Considering that I got my current bike for $350, would it be worth 'upgrading' to the 2005 TCR-C1? Will there be much improvement in the groupo/frame? Things I've been trying to work out:

- Will Ultegra 6600/Dura Ace be that much better than the 6500 to be worth the money?
- Will the carbon frame will make that much of a difference?
- The CR1 has an FSA Gossamer Crank as opposed to a Shimano crank, how does this compare to the Shimano stock crank?

Current Bike: http://www.bikepedia.com/quickbike/Bike ... BpLHLT9N4E
C1: http://www.bikepedia.com/QuickBike/Bike ... BpMg7T9N4E


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Re: 'Upgrading' to a 2005 Giant TCR-C1?

Postby Oltre » Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:31 pm

Hi, I have a 2001 Giant TCR-2 from new (9 speed 105; Mavic CXP21; ONCE team colours) and a 2005 Giant TCR C-1 (original spec: full 10 speed Ultegra; Mavic Ksyrium Elite) also from new.

When I bought the TCR C-1, I was expecting better times around my routes but no such considerable thing! Did that disappoint me? Only in part... I was marginally faster but the biggest and definitely worthwhile gain of moving from ALUXX to carbon was ride comfort (more compliant) and handling (sharper). Ironically, after road accident damage now I'm back on the TCR-2 and missing the C-1.

Over the years, I upgraded the C-1 to keep it current and improved it with full Dura-Ace 7800 (including CL24 wheels) and Giant Racing Components (lighter carbon h/bar to match the original stem plus seatpost vs the standard Giant bits) and that absolutely transformed the bike. Great in sprinting and going up, around 7.5kg with lots of accessories stuck on it.

I can't comment on 6500 to 6600, except to say the 105 5500 has been bullet-proof compared to the original 6600 which was a bit niggly. Going to 7800 was heavenly instead... except for the higher cost of components.

I am confused on why your TCR-0 has 6500 (it had full DA along with a carbon steerer and ONCE team frame imprint) and why the C1 you refer to is a 6600/DA mix (the silver one you linked is actually the TCR Composite Euro with Campagnolo Centaur). My blue C1 had full 6600 (again, carbon steerer) except for the FSA crankset... disliked and upgraded the Gossamer to a new (and luckily colour matching) Team Issue from a 2004 TCR Composite, and then fancier FSA chainrings around 2 years ago.

Anyway, I can't really comment on Shimano v FSA crankset either... I would describe the 105 5500 as frail... but I never had any problem with the FSA Team Issue (higher spec to Gossamer), so much so that I will soon have a new DA 7900 bike with an FSA K-Force Light crankset (also a team issue component).

Good luck with deciding and below is what my C1 ended up looking vs an original catalogue spec:

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Re: 'Upgrading' to a 2005 Giant TCR-C1?

Postby usernameforme » Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:38 am

The TCR-0 is a nice frame, it weighs about 1000g, which is pretty good for an alloy frame so you won't be dropping any weight. The ride quality of the Pre 2009 TCR C1 (non-isp) is very plush so if its a better ride quality your after it could be worth it. Dura-ace 7800 is one of the nicest groupsets I've seen so if you get the shifters and the crankset in dura ace it could be well worth it.If you can afford it, I'd say why not? :wink:

EDIT: just saw that its got an FSA crank, I'd say its more tiagra-105 level rather than ultegra/dura ace level. It has been used at pro-tour events by some riders but that was a while back...

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