Wrist Pain

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Wrist Pain

Postby shann » Fri Sep 21, 2012 5:49 pm

Hi all,

Since I have started doing long-for-me distances on Nelli, I have been experiencing sore wrists. I get wrist pain when I am sitting in the most upright position, and when I am using the 'rests' on the brake hoods. When I hold the brake hoods incorrectly - sort of grasping them in my fist, with my thumbs pointing upward - and when I use the drops, the pain subsides. I take it that I'm normally putting too much weight on my hands and need to make some adjustment to my handlebar height?
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by BNA » Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:03 pm


Re: Wrist Pain

Postby shann » Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:03 pm

Forgot to add: When I'm on the normal handle bars, my wrists are bent at 90 degrees, i.e. my hands are pushed back.
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Re: Wrist Pain

Postby G-Ride » Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:10 pm

Wrists in any position should ideally be in a straight line. First thing to try is to get some weight off them by moving your saddle back - you should be able to play piano keys on your bars without falling in a heap.

The position of your bars then comes into play. The grip area behind the hoods should be such that you wrist cocks naturally and fairly straight - have some look from the side and imagine a line through your wrist. Drop is a bit tougher because of varying angles and drops but the principle is the same. there should be no load or tension in your hands.

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Re: Wrist Pain

Postby shann » Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:26 pm

Cheers, I've put my seat as far back as it goes, and I've raised it slightly too. She feels good on the 'hallway' test, but I'll go for a proper ride tomorrow and see.
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