2013 Trek 4500 vs 2013 Trek Mamba

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2013 Trek 4500 vs 2013 Trek Mamba

Postby chris268 » Sat Aug 18, 2012 6:12 pm

Hi guys,

Over the past two weeks I've been looking into getting an entry level bike for a bit of off-road riding. I've got a budget of around $1000(au) and won't really be doing anything crazy on the bike, just a bit of riding for fun and fitness.
I looked at and rode a few Giant Talon's, Cannondale Trail SL's and Trek 4500 and Mamba's. Of the lot I really liked the two Treks. The main difference for me between these two bikes are the wheel sizes. In terms of components, is there much difference between the two? Being a novice, I don't really know the difference between certain component models - does anyone know which has the better components?
From what I've been told the Mamba has the better forks and the 4500 has the better brakes - but then again I couldn't really feel this for myself doing a flat road test. I'm leaning towards the 26er as it felt a bit better for me but if anyone can help with the component differences, that would be appreciated.


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Re: 2013 Trek 4500 vs 2013 Trek Mamba

Postby Fuzzboxvoodoo » Wed Sep 26, 2012 6:50 am

My Son just bought a 2013 Mamba and loves it so far,I will keep you posted as he can be tough on things.

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