Question about pants, padding, and sizing

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Question about pants, padding, and sizing

Postby shann » Sun Sep 09, 2012 6:03 pm

Hi all,

Thanks for reading my extremely noobish question about pants. :oops:

I am getting to the point where I am doing 50km+ rides a few times a week, and so I'm looking to invest in some padded pant/short things (knicks?) to make things a bit more comfortable. I live in Nowheresville so my LBS has a limited range available to try on, and won't get something in just for me to have a go of.

I have seen lots of posts by people who are looking for Extra Small pants, but I have the opposite problem. I am quite overweight (weight in the low 70s, on a 163cm frame), so I need to find some long and/or loose pants with padding, so as not to scare the morning commuters. Do these things exist? My other concern is that I am quite wide of hip (sit-bone wise, as well as because I'm chubby) and large of bum, and have a hard time finding normal pants to fit - I worry that it will be even harder to find bike pants, when most cyclists seem to be of a more narrow-hipped, 'athletic' frame.

Any and all advice about what to try and where to buy, is welcome! :oops:
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by BNA » Sun Sep 09, 2012 6:50 pm


Re: Question about pants, padding, and sizing

Postby Mulger bill » Sun Sep 09, 2012 6:50 pm

There's plenty of padded baggies out there if that's the way you want to go Shann. Whether the sizing can work with your curves is another question. For a couple of brands worthy of checking out, start with Netti, Ground Effect and Endura in no particular order.

Good luck with it.

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Re: Question about pants, padding, and sizing

Postby newie » Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:11 pm

Are you sure you don't want to go the lycra option? As long as you get an XL, there will be no problems with fit - lots of stretch and you will be nice and comfortable. Your weight and height doesn't sound to me like it is going to be scaring the other commuters. There are all kinds of ladies of different shapes and sizes out there on their bikes. Remember when you are on the bike, lyrca is just part of the normal picture and no-one will look twice. But I do understand your reluctance. I was a similarly larger derriered lady and it was a bit intimidating to head down the lycra route at first. But remember, black is quite slimming, and I find that the tightness and thickness of the lycra of bike shorts kind of "holds things together" so there is not as much of a jiggle factor as you might think. When I see a bigger bottomed lady on a bike, all I think is "hey cool, another chick, good on her". But if you can't make that step, there are longer shorts, with a padded inners, and looser outers. Hopefully someone else here can point you in the right direction of ones with a forgiving cut. Or could you get a pair of lycra knicks and pop a pair of lightweight normal shorts or capris over the top?
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Re: Question about pants, padding, and sizing

Postby moosterbounce » Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:42 pm

Hi Shann. I'm 169cm and around 80-82kg give or take. I'm pretty solid though and when in good health (recently had bad bronchitis so struggling a bit), I run, ride, and paddle.

I wear Lycra Knicks but have had some issues finding correct sizing. I have a larger butt and thighs but a waist under 80cm so most of my shorts and pants tend to be elastic waisted or more on the hit. Baggy shorts with a liner have tended to either fit my thighs and swim on my waist or I can't get them up!! Lycra on the other hand stretches and is fine.

I prefer a longer leg due to the shape of my tight (read: fat). Seriously, many women's brands insist the women want to wear their Knicks really short. I like just above the knee. I wear a lot of Pearl Izumi brand knicks in either a large or extra large. Both fit fine. I also prefer Knicks that aren't shiny but that is more to do with saddle comfort than look. You may find the shiny ones make you a little more self conscious.

If you need time to get used to Knicks, then definitely wear normal shorts over the top. Lots of people do this. One day, you won't be bothered anymore and won't think about it!! Honest - been there, done that.

Netti are a common brand but I found their legs a little narrow around the gripper (the bottom of the legs) so I've never bought any of these. Everyone is different though so I'm afraid you'll need to try some different brands. I've seen plenty of cheap knicks on o/s sites so you should investigate this option. This way if they don't fit, you could sell them. I'd try to buy locally first though to avoid the issue of not fitting. If I find a brand that fits, I'll stick to it and you'll probably be the same :)
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Re: Question about pants, padding, and sizing

Postby shann » Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:50 pm

moosterbounce wrote:
Baggy shorts with a liner have tended to either fit my thighs and swim on my waist or I can't get them up!! Lycra on the other hand stretches and is fine.

I can relate to this! It's also a problem when buying swimmers, I have to go the two-piece singlet and bottoms way, because I either can't get a one piece that fits over my bum, or it fits my bum and is baggy round the middle. I'll check out the brands you recommended :)
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Re: Question about pants, padding, and sizing

Postby aussieorchid » Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:49 pm

I am about 170cm and 83kg I found the local anaconda shop had a great range of baggy padded shorts for ladies especially if you get them on sale. They might not be top of the line but they were great to get me started. Some even have removable liners so you can get a few higher quality knicks and put them under the cheaper baggy shorts. I am with you on the fact the public do not need to see me in knicks alone and I just do not feel comfortable in them like I am wearing my underwear in public or something.
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Re: Question about pants, padding, and sizing

Postby master6 » Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:16 pm

Contact Nicole Green at "Chicks in Knicks".

Tell her that master6 will forgo his commission on this occasion :D
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