Faster Climbing

liquor box
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Re: Faster Climbing

Postby liquor box » Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:11 pm

I am realizing that I must know nothing about cycling or about how to ride faster up a hill.

But I can tell you how I did it with no technical knowledge.

I rode as much as I could up hill until I had the strength in my legs to climb the hill I wanted to without wanting to pass out.

I worked on raising my cadence to around 90 for the whole climb

Once I was able to keep this 90 cadence for the entire climb without wanting to pass out I switched to a gear that was one spot harder than the previous gear and stuck to my 90 cadence. It hurt but I could do it, it was only one gear difference.

My understanding would be that if you do two rides with the same cadence but in different gears then you will be faster in the harder gear.

I found my HRM helped me learn what I could do for a set period, I know I can keep a HR of 170-175 for a while, but if I hit 180-185HR I can only last a couple of minutes before I am buggered. This was how I det my initial gearing.

That is probably really bad advice but it worked for me

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Re: Faster Climbing

Postby chriscole » Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:00 am

fixedlegs2012 wrote:Come to Tassie, you have no choice but to climb and get better at it! :D

Um... I'm moving to Hobart in January.... is it a bit hilly?? :-/

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