Bike Rack - Transportation

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Bike Rack - Transportation

Postby TZ2102 » Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:22 pm


In the future I will need to transport 2-3 bikes but I have no idea how. I will probably need some sort of bike rack.

Do I go for a roof rack or get a tow bar and a tow bar rack?

What other things should I look for...I honestly have no idea where to start.


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Re: Bike Rack - Transportation

Postby Ross » Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:04 pm

Answer - it depends! Are they carbon fibre bikes or alloy/steel bikes? Shouldn't support carbon bikes by the top tube, should use a carrier that supports the wheels instead (see pick below)


Fitting 3 bikes on the roof can be a bit tricky, especailly if it's a small car



There are a couple of different roof carriers, this one above is Thule Proride 591 where you put the bike complete on the rack and the straps hold the wheels while the arm clamps around the downtube of the bike frame. Some people don't like using these with carbon bikes, I use one with my carbon bikes and have had for about 3 years without any trouble. Just need to be careful and don't do up the arm clamp too tight.


This is a Thule Outride 561 which obviously you take your front wheel off to use. Can be a bugger if you drive off and leave your wheel at home though...

Whichever way you go it's going to work out costly . A towbar is upwards of $250, plus add about the same cost for a 3 bike carrier to go on it.

If you go for roof mounted one they are upwards of $200ea. You do need to be super-concious that you have bikes on the roof and not drive into your garage or underground carpark with them on the roof or you'll wrec kthe bikes and the car.

Thule is generally one of the better brands, like everything there are cheaper look alike versions out there so it really depends on your budget.

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