Michelin Stop&Go sealant for tubular?

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Michelin Stop&Go sealant for tubular?

Postby Oltre » Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:24 am

:x I punctured my new Verdestein Fortezza TriComp Pro tubular (rear) after 500km. The whole is very small and I am guessing this is the sort of vulcanised tyre whose latex tube you can't directly patch.

I have a 100mL can of Michelin Stop&Go. Is there anyone with practical experience with this product who can please answer the following:

1) is it suitable for tubulars? (it only talks about tubeless)
2) do I dump the whole can in for a single tyre?
3) just via the valve?
4) will foam be long lasting?

This is my first set of tubulars and still learning the black art...


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