New bike!

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New bike!

Postby mithba » Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:16 pm

So I went shopping on friday afternoon looking for a new road bike as a christmas present from my partner. After visiting about 5 bike shops I had it down to a couple of bikes. A Giant Defy 3 ($999), and a Scott Speedster 50 ($1099). They all felt great to ride compared to my current bike, a 20 year old Giant Perigee, Partially because I got sized up by the LBS and was supposed to be riding a small sized frame, whereas my current bike is about a 62cm frame.

I was pretty keen on the Scott but didn't like the thumb shifter on the hoods so I asked about getting the Tiagra/105 levers put on and it was going to cost about another 250 bucks. I decided I might have to increase my budget a bit and was going to buy the Scott Speedster 30 which had full Tiagra ($1450). I was literally about to put in my pin number to buy the Scott when I saw an Avanti Cadent 1.0 sitting in the line of last years models, it was going for ($1499). I asked the guy if I could take it for a spin, having never ridden on a full carbon frame I couldn't believe the difference. Bought it straight away.

So now the question is, what are the first things I should do with it before taking it for a nice long ride? Also, if I buy SPD pedals and cleats will any cycling shoe go with it? or only MTB shoes? Also any tips for a carbon frame?

Can't believe I have to wait until Christmas to get on it.


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Re: New bike!

Postby gassyndrome » Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:37 pm

They make varying styles of shoes for both SPD and SL cleats - they don't have to look like big mountain clod hoppers!

Most important thing = Enjoy the bike :-)

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Re: New bike!

Postby timbo » Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:06 am

As gassyndrome said, Shimano make road shoes, casual walker type shoes and clod hopper MTB shoes, all of which are designed for an SPD cleat.

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Re: New bike!

Postby nickdos » Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:17 pm

Its unlcear from your post whether you already have SPD shoes or not? If you don't, then my choice for a cheap but well spec'ed shoe would the Shimano SH-R087. It has both SPD and regular road cleat attachment holes on the sole, so you can upgrade the pedals later if you wish. It also has a ratchet buckle which works really well IMHO. They come in both regular and wide sizes - very handy if you have wide feet like me. Cellbikes have them for $86 (excluding delivery) - ... gory=12763

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Re: New bike!

Postby Marty Moose » Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:17 pm

Didn't happen without pics :) :) Yay for you new bike :) :)

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Re: New bike!

Postby Wakatuki » Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:08 pm

Hi and welcome to CARBON!
I have just done the same as you, upgraded from a 22yr old Raleigh 531 Steel to a Scott Foil 40. Love it.
I am new to clipless shoes too, using cages until now. For some reason I have purchased SPD Scott Touring shoes as this is what the GLW also uses, so we can go to cafe's etc. But for the amount of distance and speed we cover together should have just gone proper road, but maybe thats just the next chapter; already have the pedals, so hovering around eBay for a bargain. Unless you plan on doing some walking, more than a coffee bar or "tree toilet" trip go road, I don't believe you'll regret it.
Unknown to me when I bought mine, amazingly there are other brands with clip in systems too, how niave of me! Perhaps have a look at Shimano alternatives.

As far as Shimano shoes go, wife has 2 pairs of touring shoes, says they are very comfortable.
My Scotts are comfortable too, but the cleat strikes the floor on the right foot, I must walk funny!

mithba wrote:So now the question is, what are the first things I should do with it before taking it for a nice long ride?

1. Get the shop to fit the bike to you.
2. Spares, tools etc, plenty of information and ideas on other threads.
3. Something to put those spares and tools in.
4. Shorts / Knicks.
5. Helmet and glasses, I'm using old sunnies at the moment.

Anyway welcome to CARBON, and only a few sleeps to go until you can ride it!

And where do we post pics of new rides, is there a gallery section?

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