Job Opportunity - Cycle Coach / Bike Fitter - Sydney

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Job Opportunity - Cycle Coach / Bike Fitter - Sydney

Postby Bondi_Baggie » Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:38 pm

Hi All

I hope no-one minds this post, I am hoping I can help someone launch a new career. I manage the operations for Athlete Lab in Sydney and Singapore and I have a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to develop a career in the 'Cycling Industry' at our Sydney location. Athlete Lab, is a state-of-the-art indoor cycling studio in Sydney that has approximately 25 computrainers hooked up over 2 floors with large LCD Projector screens. Our CBD location is in Circular Quay and we have a Spin Studio opening in January 2013 called Vicious Cycle. In addition, we also have Massage and Physio operating from the location by Purewellbeing and Bend+Mend. Our customers are mostly club cyclists, weekend warriors, age-group triathletes and we also have many corporate firms using the facility. Customers either bring their own bike however most use a lifelike bike we had constructed that can easily be adjusted to match the sizing of a customers bike, rather like a spin-bike. It has a great atmosphere and we also work with Charities such as St Johns Ambulance and CanToo (Cure Cancer) where we encourage beginners and work with people who are just looking to get some extra mileage under their belt in a safe and convenient location.

Essentially, I am looking for someone who might be looking to develop their own bike fitting business but might not have premises, the equipment and so on. If that person is you, then we can provide everything you need. We have the entire bike fitting set of equipment. In addition, you would ideally have some coaching skills and be familiar with Software Packages including ERG Video, Sufferfest, RacerMate etc as in between bike fits, you would be assisting customers that are using the training facilities.

This is a fantastic opportunity and the successful candidate would receive a base pay, plus a commission for each bike fit. You would also get to use the facility at no cost of course which is a great benefit in itself. The ideal person must also have great customer skills and have a hard work ethic.

I am also interested to hear from anyone that might be studying and that might want some part-time work that is passionate about cycling that can come in and work a few hours from time to time. Even better if you have some Cycling coaching qualifications.

Please direct message me or email me at - please note - no resume needed, just an email telling me about yourself and why this is of interest is all I want.

Happy to reward a successful referral also with a 4 ride pass :)

Many thanks


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