Can anyone recommend a painter in Perth?

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Can anyone recommend a painter in Perth?

Postby lunar_c » Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:02 am

Hi all,

Have decided to paint rather than powder coat out next two projects. They'll be single colour or possibly two with a little masking, and my fiancés bike will need decals cleared over.

Can anyone recommend a painter in Perth willing to do bike frames? Someone with a blasting cabinet who can strip them would be even better!


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Re: Can anyone recommend a painter in Perth?

Postby HappyHumber » Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:30 pm

Hey Ben,

I'd defer to one of the local frame builders; Aldo or Sats at Quantum Bicycle Manufacturers in North Perth. If you recall my orange Surly Steamroller was done by them in a single colour two-pack. They matched the colour I wanted quite well and it's a good, smooth & tough finish.

Otherwise Cycles Bespoke in Bayswater, of whom I am still yet to go and check out myself. Whether they do their paint in house or not I don't know - but if not I'm sure they would take their frames to someone used to doing bikes.

Otherwise... fellow forumite Rob Frith seems a bit more current in his personal research here in Dullsville. I'm still quietly lurking on his Swansea 6 star thread.
- Kym
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