Schwalbe ultremo zx v gp4000s

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Re: Schwalbe ultremo zx v gp4000s

Postby Comedian » Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:49 am

AlMac wrote:The Ultremo rides and rolls better than the GP, but the gains are marginal.

The Pro Race rolls smoother than both, but are too hard to get on and off.

You will need to buy Ultremo at roughly twice the rate of the GPs, as the Ultremo wears much faster.

I would argue that the GP is more equivalent to the DD than the ZX.

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Re: Schwalbe ultremo zx v gp4000s

Postby bardygrub » Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:37 am

I got the 2 x gp 4000s w/- 5 tubes combo from wiggle for chrisse present. slapped them on before yesterdays ride and must admit the are are great tyre. One thing i noticed is the have two holes on the tread at the same place on both tyres :shock: is this for a reason?
edit.. i just goolged it... its a wear indicator.

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Re: Schwalbe ultremo zx v gp4000s

Postby Matt_Matt » Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:40 am

They're wear indicators .... shows how much life is left in the tyre.


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Re: Schwalbe ultremo zx v gp4000s

Postby nescius » Thu Mar 14, 2013 10:47 pm

nescius wrote:I have a set of Ultremos that came with my bike, they are nice to race on and I have no issues with their performance. As others have said, unfortunately they don't seem to be anywhere near as durable as the gp4000s (which I have always used in the past), I've only done a couple of hundred km on them and there are already some significant cuts on the rear tyre. I could just be unlucky, but I have been riding the same roads that I always ride, and I'm always pretty careful about riding through any debris on the road so I think it's more likely the tyres. I will be changing to a set of gp4000s after these ones are dead.

Well I've done almost a full crit season on the ultremos now and I'd say that they are great tyres for racing. Unfortunately the rear was completely shredded after 2,000km so it has gone in the bin and been replaced with a GP4000s. The front is still good though and I have been really impressed with how it feels while racing, I think I will stick with the ultremo front and gp4000 rear combination for a while. I don't think I would recommend them as a durable training tyre if you are on the heavy side (I'm just on 80kg), however my partner hasn't had any trouble with hers so they may be fine if you are on the lighter side (she is about 53kg).
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Re: Schwalbe ultremo zx v gp4000s

Postby Derny Driver » Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:12 am

I cant get GP4000s on any of my sons 3 sets of wheels. They are simply too tight. I switched to the Ultremos and I can put them on and off without tyre levers. The loose fit may explain why they blow off certain types of rims. I put Duranos on the training wheels and Ultremo ZX on the race wheels - both have excellent grip but are soft and do wear more than a Conti. Dd Jnr got a small nick from a rock in the side wall of the ZX on the first ride and it then bulged at tyre pressure over 90psi. I regretfully tossed a brand new tyre away and replaced it. Since then, no punctures and no problems. Fantastic grip for road racing and crits with the ZXs and confident mountain descents training on the Duranos.
Nothing against the GP4000s except they are tight. But I will be sticking with the Schwalbes from now on.

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Re: Schwalbe ultremo zx v gp4000s

Postby scirocco » Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:43 pm

AlMac wrote:The Ultremo rides and rolls better than the GP, but the gains are marginal.

The Pro Race rolls smoother than both, but are too hard to get on and off.

+1 - that is exactly my experience as well. Personally I think that the GP4000S is the best all round compromise, but it all comes down to where your own sweet spot is in relation to grip/handling/wear/puncture resistance.

I have had problems with GP4000s blowing off though. Operator error - you just have to be very careful to get them seated exactly right, and check they are centred as you pump them up.

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Re: Schwalbe ultremo zx v gp4000s

Postby Puffy » Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:35 pm

I've been though countless sets of GP4000s and one set of Ultremo's. From that you can deduct I prefer the GPs. I have never had a single issue with them, and can get them off and on by hand, ie no tools. This is over two sets of alloy Mavic/Fulcrum wheels

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Re: Schwalbe ultremo zx v gp4000s

Postby warthog1 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:01 pm

Anyone tried the ultremo zx hd?

Looks to be more of a direct competitor to the GP4000S.

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Re: Schwalbe ultremo zx v gp4000s

Postby carbonazz » Thu Dec 05, 2013 9:23 am

This is my first post, hopefully it'll be useful for anybody looking at Scwalbe Ultremo ZX tyres.
I bought two blue tyres from probikekit in May 2013.
Due to a couple of injuries these tyres have only covered 460 kilometers.
A month ago the front tyre split around the circumference of the tyre between the blue and black parts of the tyre. I fitted an old Vittoria tyre so I could carry on riding.
A week ago the rear tyre split exactly the same way, I decided to contact Scwalbe and probikekit.
No reply from Schwalbe, probikekit replied that the tyres had perished due to heat and sunlight! My bike is stored on a maintenance stand out of sunlight when not in use. I asked probikekit why did they sell tyres to Australia if they couldn't be used in sunlight or heat, so far no reply!
I've ordered Michelin Pro 4's from wiggle, hopefully I'll be able to cycle in sunlight with them.

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