noobie member keen on cycling & some questions

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noobie member keen on cycling & some questions

Postby Minizian » Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:18 am

Hi, I am new here in this forum but I am being lurking around here reading all the discussion thread here which I find it useful for newbies like me.

I am a 170cm and 55kg guy who last rode a bike many during my secondary school times, since then I did not ride it anymore until the time I am doing my uni studies where the place I live had many cyclist rode pass in the wee hours of morning.

So I went to few bike shops to have a look around. Some are kind while some ignoring/rude (“Oh trek sucks, you should get this (brand) instead”). End up asking a friend of mine for pointers and he directed me this particular lbs whom treat me with respect even though it’s just a 1k plus bike. End up buying this bike as I am not ready for carbon bike


It’s an EMC R2.2 Etape alu bike which came with full 105 groupset. It’s my first bike with clipless pedal which I had no experience or so.
My first ride after many years of off the bike had ended in a 40kmh downhill crash. I actually suffered a speed wobble when I was going downhill before losing and it crash which ended up with concussion (helmet broke) and road rash in many parts of my body and my face. My bike ended up with bent derailleur and I was out of action for few months.


My next ride is together with my buddies as shown above picture. Ride went on well before I fell down again knee first onto the ground as I lost my balance when riding over the inverted U shape bar that can be found usually in bikeways. Because of this I had phobia riding over these bars (which I had now overcome).
Since then I being enjoying my ride and raking up miles along the way. Had exams and assignment along the way = not able to ride the bike. Managed to do one of the 100km charity ride event without any much drama. I treated myself with a wheel upgrade and tire upgrade after riding without any incident for few months. All I can say the wheel does make a huge difference to the ride


Cycling with my recumbent buddy as he knows his way around all the well-known cycling route.

It’s being a year since I started my incident filled cycling hobby. I am looking forward to ride more this year and had joined one of the local riding club hopping I could improve myself further. I was really keen to be a good climber since I had low body weight. My other goal is to get myself fit so I can race in crit hopefully by midyear.
This is the latest pic of my bike, I had equipped it with dura ace pedal which had extra 4mm in pedal axle length as I had Donald duck foot shape like this \ / and my knee keep hitting the top tube.


Hope you guys enjoy reading this short intro about me. I had one questions to ask members here and more to which I will post it later.

-Is there any recommended proper bike fitter in bne for me as I had this \ / foot shape which cause me to have knee pain once in a while.

:D Looking forward to see some reply to my question :D
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by BNA » Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:59 pm


Re: noobie member keen on cycling & some questions

Postby lump_a_charcoal » Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:59 pm

Woohoo, another EMC!
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Re: noobie member keen on cycling & some questions

Postby Mustang » Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:59 pm

Welcome you seem to have a handle on whats needed, by all means get a proper bike fit asap, before you start racking up serious kilometers, may cost around $100.
Others will chime in here who is best in Brisbane.
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Re: noobie member keen on cycling & some questions

Postby Minizian » Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:20 pm

Was keen for answer for my questions :?:
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Re: noobie member keen on cycling & some questions

Postby Eleri » Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:53 am

It seems to me that you have two issues to resolve:
1) your knee, foot issue
2) the bike fit

You haven't given enough information about the first issue to get any sensible advice. It might be that you want to go to a good physio who works with cyclists to get that sorted out first before you get a bike fit. If the problem can be fixed, that's much better than adapting the bike around the problem. Sounds to me like you have been adapting the bike to your knee & foot so far.

And (noting lack of info from you) problems that look intractable to you may well be able to be fixed. That's certainly true of a knee problem I had that I assumed was the result of an ACL reconstruction but was actually being caused by a tightness in my back, hip flexor and had settled into a significant problem. All now fixed through physio and retraining myself to spin. What that will do for you is stop a whole myriad of other problems that will result from your body compensating to fix something that doesn't feel normal to it. You don't want that, especially if you want to be competitive and that means spending more time on the bike.

Personally, I'd get myself off to physio if I was you. I'm not in Brisbane so can't direct you to anyone.
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