Bike Roof Racks for Holden Astra

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Bike Roof Racks for Holden Astra

Postby giant defy » Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:11 pm

Hi all,
I am after some advice for bike roof racks, I have done some research on the web and found Thule, Rhino and Whispbar racks I would prefer to have the system that you remove the front wheel and lock the bike to the rack preferably the thule outride 561 the length of the 561 is 133cm I believe and given where the mounting recess is located on my 2003 Astra 4 door hatch it doesn't give me enough room to cater for when the hatch is open the rear wheel will hit the hatch door when it is most of the way up. I suppose a fix could be to mount the 561 back to front and have the bike facing backwards but just wondering weather anyone had this issue before or know of anyone else that has delt with this and how it was overcome.

Darren :D

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