Rubbing holes in knicks.....?

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Rubbing holes in knicks.....?

Postby Stacka » Fri Jan 18, 2013 5:58 pm

Hi Ladies

I am a new roadie and am loving my bike, it is my new passion!

However, I have noticed that I have rubbed a hole in a perfectly good pair of SKINS bib knicks (not cheap to replace either, so not happy - :(

The hole has appeared where the chamois padding ends on the inner thigh. It is a rubbing mark, which has just worn thin and now there is a small hole. I think my thigh might be rubbing on the saddle rail and/or the saddle bag (I have now taken the saddle bag off). Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

It is also a bit odd that it is mainly my left leg, there is slight rubbing on the right, but nothing compared to the left. Maybe I sit crooked? I am not really a heavy set person, being about 70kgs and 179cm tall, so I would not say I have overly large thighs! (except of course for the bulging muscles! lol) :D

Does anyone have any tips on how to repair the hole in the lycra? Has anyone previously done any patch up jobs?

I can't bear to throw them out, they are perfectly good (except for the rubbing marks and small hole) and are only about 5 months old.

Any advice would be appreciated!


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Re: Rubbing holes in knicks.....?

Postby cp123 » Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:05 pm

I kill most of my shorts there all the time. But i have thunder thighs! but they ain't just muscle... :lol:

Otherwise, the lycra just perishes over time but the nappy is still good, so i relegate them to "winter shorts" - meaning i don't wear them in public but under a pair of longs in winter. (I'm too scabby to just throw them out if they look gross but are still functional).

You may well sit crooked, we all possibly do at times. You can sew lycra like any other material. You might find you rub on the seam then though. It's no big deal to fix, other than just feeling annoyed.

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Re: Rubbing holes in knicks.....?

Postby toolonglegs » Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:50 pm

Saddle bags can destroy knicks pretty quickly if they are rubbing.

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Re: Rubbing holes in knicks.....?

Postby Dr_Mutley » Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:14 pm

One of the most common run points that close to the chamois is the saddle clamp... Some clamps, for example, the 3T dorico one, is terrible for going this, especially if u run slot of setback (saddle back a fair way). I took to mine with a file, and eliminated most of the problem. It's an easy way to destroy good Knicks.

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Re: Rubbing holes in knicks.....?

Postby Dizz » Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:36 pm

Stacka wrote:...I have rubbed a hole in a perfectly good pair of SKINS bib knicks ... are only about 5 months old...

I’ve been wearing the long version of the same skins every since they were released and I have never had an issue with excessive wear in any particular place.

I typically alternate between two pairs and they tend to last about a year. When I finally discard them it’s not because of any holes but rather a loss of compression. I know if I could be bothered to hand wash them they would probably last twice as long and as they have been discontinued (long version only) that’s exactly what I will do with my next pair (I have 8 stored in a vacuum bag).

Considering what they cost I would be somewhat annoyed to find a hole in the region of the “inner thigh” but at “5 months old” and in my case they would be approaching there end of life, anyway.

I guess what I’m saying is that there is a lot of variation in what peoples expectation are when it comes to various commodities. For me “Skins” are a quality performance garment and I don’t expect them to perform beyond a finite number of washes. In contrast I know people that only have one pair of Knicks and will wear them until there see through. :roll:

Nevertheless, if I felt that any of my Skins had failed to meet my expectation I would contact them any have them resolve the matter with a replacement garment.

As far as repair goes, I have no idea how you would do it in that location. I have repaired the outer leg, that was torn during a crash but nothing fancy; I just stitched it with needle & thread and that did the trick.

Anyway good luck and I hope it all works out.

Regards, Dizz :)

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