Giant Ultegra DI2 Vs Sram

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Re: Giant Ultegra DI2 Vs Sram

Postby Coolabah » Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:53 pm

auswi2 wrote:Hello,

I am seriously considering buying a new carbon bike and I like the look of the Giant Defy Advanced due to it more relaxed Geometry in place of the Giant TCR Advanced 0. I was at my local LBS this arvo and the manager I was talking to advised me that the Giant DI2 is really a mismatch of parts. I told him the price of the 2012 model and he said if I can read between the lines (you pay for what you get). I have had a look at the specs and the KMC chain is the only non Ultegra part on there which a lot of manufacturers seem to be putting these KMC chains on their bikes. He did mention a Triathlete used Di2 and it broke down 8 times so he won't ever go back to it.

He mentioned his shop will be heading towards SRAM group sets on their bikes due to the double tap system

As I have never ridden sram before I can't comment on it.

Can I ask your thoughts on the Giant Defy Advanced DI2 in term of Ride comfort, Quality of parts, Durability and Less maintenance.

Can I also ask for thought on Sram bikes and how they differ from The Shimano non DI2 range



Not sure about the rest of your question , but also not sure if you realise that KMC actually manufacture the Shimano chains ? So , this KMC chain is , I believe , actually probably an upgrade from Shimano Ultegra chain.
Also , I ride lots of bikes ( i OWN MORE THAN A FEW :lol: ) and personally prefer Shimano ergonomics ( tried SRAM, but haven't tried DI2) but if I could afford Campy I think I would revise my opinion...
Double tap to the head is what the SAS are taught , not sure if I like it in bikes.. :twisted:

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Re: Giant Ultegra DI2 Vs Sram

Postby boss » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:57 pm

Back to the OP, it just sounds like the salesperson is bagging out product that he doesn't/can't sell.

Happens all the time.

And I suspect as a sales tactic it was a whole lot more effective pre-internet.

I would ignore the advice and avoid the shop that gave you the advice.

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Re: Giant Ultegra DI2 Vs Sram

Postby Marty Moose » Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:26 pm

I've ridden two itt's and a crit on di2 now and believe out of worth time due to the ease of shifting when you are really under pressure.I also had to adjust it between two sets of wheels did it on the bike in no time. Cables are dead imho will never go back to them.

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Re: Giant Ultegra DI2 Vs Sram

Postby Brownster » Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:47 pm

Shpox wrote:Question for those that are running SRAM red. How often do you find you need to make RD/FD adjustments or tuneups? Is it set it and forget it much like Ultegra?

I've always thought mechanical grouppo's need a bit of adjustments and then, with my share of my own share of nightmares with the FD. I'm curious as to what appeals more:

- The lack of maintenance to keep your groupset running smooth (or)?
- It's ability to shift smoothly and quietly?
- Assuming both of the above are negligable, weight?
- All of the above ?

I am running the new 2013 SRAM RED and previously had the old SRAM RED. The bike has done over 4000km with no adjustments from when it left the shop.
I look after my running gear and regularly remove the chain and cassette to clean. It is alot quieter then the old stuff. It shifts quicker at the front but not
as smooth as the Shimano DID systems. I love the double tap. Each to their own on likes and dislikes.

FYI - old SRAM red on orginal chain, cassette and front rings did into the 10000km mark and were still shifting perfect when they come off the bike.

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