Best Cycle computer in January 2012?

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Re: Best Cycle computer in January 2012?

Postby kunalraiker » Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:02 am

Abby wrote:Well, I can recommend the Cateye Strada then. Super-easy to install, and is relatively cheap. Pretty sure I only paid about $50 on special a year or two ago.

I went for the wired version, as I've had trouble in the past with wireless computers interacting with bar-mounted lights, and going a bit haywire.... :roll:

So yeah, you can't 'extract' any data from the Cateye. But the Android phone running Strava does pretty much everything I need anyway (bar power, of course). Suits me well, but I'm sure others would prefer an all-in-one Garmin or Bryton style solution...

What I like about using the phone instead of a Garmin is I don't have to remove the bike computer all the time to sync with Strava, etc. But I'm a simple guy like that... :wink:

Hope that helps!


I got the Cateye Double Wirelless, awesome little computer, precise and superb looking, have the S3 working the Strava in my jersey back pocket.
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