Jan 3 2013 Cyclists Down Kwinana PSP

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Re: Jan 3 2013 Cyclists Down Kwinana PSP

Postby MyNameIsNoone » Tue Jan 29, 2013 6:50 pm

That's a fair comment (IMO).

I don't mind people jumping on my wheel, but I understand that it can be off-putting or some people just don't like it. Drafting's about working together so if someone tells you, or asks you to nick off, seems only right to loosen up. Bit rude to impede someone else's enjoyment of their ride in any way shape or form.

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Re: Jan 3 2013 Cyclists Down Kwinana PSP

Postby nickobec » Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:48 pm

I regularly commute along the PSP from Kwinana 3 or 4 days a week up and usually once a week back. I agree with JBark and ColinOldnCranky While the section between Canning Bridge and the Narrows is not perfect, as the surface is bad in some spots, the edges are crumbling, run off is non existent, line of sight is not great in some areas but traffic is light most weekdays. The only real risk of an accident is somebody doing something stupid (as was this case)

Most mornings I use it as my final VO2 max interval and maybe once a week it get's interrupted as I have to slow for other traffic.

One the other hand the section between Mt Henry and Canning Bridge is dangerous, in addition to as the surface is bad in a large number of spots, the crumbling edges, non existent run off, overhanging branches, the line of sight is poor and you have far more traffic including people walking in groups, prams and dogs which you rarely see the other side of Canning Bridge on weekdays. I rarely hit 32kph here, it is a slow and steady pace, always looking for danger round the next twist in the PSP. If you tried to draft me here you would get a mouthful, I don't want somebody I don't know or trust that close to my rear wheel, when I am likely to stop suddenly.

On the other hand, you need assistance in the form of drafting off a 50 year who has already over an hour in the saddle that morning, you are welcome. once we get to canning bridge Though be warned some mornings I trade the final interval for some breaking away from the bunch practise.
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Re: Jan 3 2013 Cyclists Down Kwinana PSP

Postby wellington_street » Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:08 pm

Shiny Side Up wrote:...he yells "I'm allowed to sit on your tail!".

sigh...some people!

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