Swansea road bike - info wanted!

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Swansea road bike - info wanted!

Postby lunar_c » Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:10 pm

Hi all,

I've been given an old Swansea that I would like to restore to rideable condition. I'd also love to know a bit more about it and when it was made if anyone can help.


It's a roadster with curved top tube frame (drilled for brakes and with the distinctive braze on swans on the forks and head tube) and drop bars, serial number on the seat clamp is "55633" it's a single speed with cottered cranks, free wheel and Perry B-50 backpedal brake. 28 x 1 & 3/8" wheels. Front rim is in worse condition and appears original - has made in Italy written on it but I can't make out any other writing. It has the chequered pattern on the sidewalls. The hub is a Bayliss-Wiley (made in England).

The rear wheel has a Perry B-50 backpedal brake hub, freewheel and "40" stamped on the hub shell, and has a non-original looking chrome Araya 28 x 1 & 3/8 rim that should be re-useable.

I can't make out any branding on the stem or bars (all covered in silver paint and rust at the moment. It all came apart easily - no stuck bolts yet, even the seatpost came out readily. The tyres held air - I rode it around the backyard!

More pics:


I'm also curious as to what the thing with the eyelet is in between the headset lock nut and adjusting nut?

More pics coming soon when I get the chance. It looks like a simple, honest bike you would've ridden around town or to the pictures in it's day. I love it!



PS : could this frame have pioneered the pencil-thin seat stays so favoured by the likes of Cervelo and their contemporaries nowadays? ;)

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