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Fuji SL 1 Pro Sram

Goldcross $3499

How it is used
3-4 times a week. Training, dry weather only. Mixture of flat, small and big hills. I am around 90kg

Description Full carbon frame, Reynolds Attack Wheels and full Sram Force groupset

+ Groupset - Sram Force is awesome, gear changing precise, ergonomics, carbon cranks and light. It is the full groupset not with cheaper brakes and cranks etc… I am comparing to Shimano Ultegra 6700, 6600 and 105.

Wheelset - Reynolds Wheels roll superbly, they are little bit of aero for flats and not too deep a profile for hill climbing. Braking obviously not as good as aluminium rims.

- Frame –not the stiffest I’ve ridden. Seat post is not carbon but that is not too hard to upgrade. Also steering is a bit twitchy. Saddle has a long nose that takes some getting used too, but when worn in I would consider taking to my next bike. When descending I don’t feel it handles as well as other bikes I have ridden. Paint job is not as durable as I would like.

Additional notes
Had the bike for 3-4 months. I have not had one puncture on the Vittoria Rubino Pros. The roll is good and cornering grip is OK for their price point. I usually am a Conti GP4000 rider.
I like the long curve profile of the handlebars which are different to the ergo type I have used in the past. It is interesting they come with a relatively long stem of 120mm. I don’t know what lube they put on the drive train in the factory but it is sensational. smooth running for ages and didn’t pick up any crap.

Love the wheels and groupset, would buy them any day of the week. Not so sure on the frame.


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